LWVN Help Wanted: CPC, EIC, Municipal Finance, and ‘The League Presents…’

HELP WANTED:  If you are interested in ‘doing more’, we have three opportunities for you!

LWVN’s Community Preservation Committee (CPC):  This committee observes Newton’s Community Preservation Commission meetings, reads the applications before the Commission, and comments on each one.  We have a group of people who are willing to read the applications, but need a chairperson to coordinate the process.  This is not a huge time commitment!  The Newton Commission meets at most once a month, their meetings end at a reasonable time, and readings/letters only need to be coordinated a few times a year (only when there is an application).

LWVN Committee Chairs for Environmental Issues Committee and for Municipal Finance Committee:  These are chances to re-form committees that are no longer active.  We are looking for people willing to chair each group, set up regular meetings and set modest goals to start.

Co-Producer for The League Presents…:  Our monthly show is recorded at NewTV and can cover a wide range of topics.  Being a co-producer means organizing the guests and hosts for LWVN’s monthly TV program, working with both to develop questions on the topic, and communicating with your co-producer and director.  A co-producer does need some NewTV training, and it would be helpful to know how to use a camera or some of the other technology.  Taping is once a month and we have a regular schedule, which makes planning ahead easier, so this is not a huge time commitment, but is a lot of fun!

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