How to Contact Your Elected Officials

Once public officials have been elected, let them know by telephone, FAX, e-mail, telegram or letter how you feel about proposed legislation and other governmental issues. You can contact your elected officials by linking to the Web sites posted below.

Increase your political effectiveness by following a few simple rules:

  • Be polite and businesslike, brief but not terse
  • Identify a bill by name or number if possible
  • State your position on the issues
  • Explain how it will affect you
  • Request action
  • Ask for an answer
  • Thank them for their good votes and actions

For urgent or time-sensitive communications, you can send a 20-word Public Opinion Message (POM) to the President, Vice President, Governor, or federal and state legislators for $9.95. Your name and address are not counted as part of the message unless there are additional signers. Call Western Union at 1-800-325-6000 to send a POM, and the cost will be charged to your phone bill. A mailgram can be delivered in the next day’s mail at $18.95 for 50 words including name and address.

Links to Elected Officials


President Donald Trump

Vice President Michael Pence

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator Edward J. Markey

Representative Joe Kennedy


Governor Charles Baker

State Senator Cynthia Creem

State Representative Ruth Balser

State Representative Kay Khan

State Representative John Lawn


Mayor Ruthanne Fuller

Newton City Council

School Committee

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