Send us your questions for candidates in the upcoming elections!

We are preparing for upcoming LWVN/NewTV Candidates’ Forums and the LWVN Voters’ Guide and need your help!  Send us questions YOU would like to ask candidates for At-Large City Council, Ward Council and School Committee seats.  We can’t guarantee they will be used verbatim, but we will try to address as many topics and questions as possible.  We especially appreciate questions that are direct and about 1-2 sentences long–these tend to mean more direct and focused answers. Please use this form to submit your questions:  Questions for Candidates-2019

Our forums will be taped at NewTV, to be shown on NewTV at a later date and available online.  Check our website in mid-August for viewing information!

Adding to Newton’s Affordable Housing Stock

New developments with 21 or more units of housing in Newton will now have to provide more units of permanently affordable “workforce” housing. The definition of “workforce” housing is that it is affordable to households earning greater than 80% and up to 110% of the area median income (AMI). In Newton, ahousehold of four at 80% of the AMI could earn up to $89,000, and at 110%, could earn up to $124,630. The amended Inclusionary Zoning ordinance was drafted by the Newton Planning and Development Department, edited in many meetings by the City Council and passed unanimously by the City Council on Monday night. The amendment still requires that new developments of 7 units or more provide 15% of its units at prices/rents that are affordable to households earning 50% to 80% of the AMI. The new amendment requires an additional 2.5% of the units to be set aside at affordable prices/rents for “workforce” households that earn from 80% to 110% of the AMI.

Beginning in January 2021, all projects with 100 units or more will be required to provide 15% affordable units, and an additional 5% for “workforce” housing, or a total of 20% affordable units altogether. Newton’s housing is pricey and increasingly unaffordable for many households of all types and income levels. The amendment helps provide more options for people of all means to live in our City.

Mayor’s Update July 11, 2019

10¢ Paper Bag Fee Approved

The City Council has unanimously approved an ordinance requiring Newton businesses to charge customers 10 cents for every paper bag the store provides at checkout. Larger stores, those over 3,500 square feet, will be required to implement the fee in six months. Smaller stores will have a year to prepare.  [Read more…]

LWVMA: Ranked Choice Voting lobby day Tuesday, July 16

Let your Senator and Representative know you’d like to see ranked choice voting in Massachusetts!  There will be a Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) lobby day Tuesday, July 16, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Great Hall of Flags at the State House, Boston.

 Hear from speakers why we need RCV, then spread the word to your own legislators.  We’ll be lobbying for two bills:  S.414/H.719 to implement RCV for all state and federal elections in Massachusetts (except President) and S.420/H.635 to allow cities and towns to adopt RCV for local elections.  Here’s a fact sheet. Register for lobby day here.

LWVUS on recent court decisions

Click on the link below to read how LWVUS is responding to important court decisions on the following topics:

  • Gerrymandering
  • Census Citizenship Question
  • Limits to Political Interest in Redistricting
  • C.—the 51st State?

Empowering Democracy

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