What can you do to help families at the US Border?

Wondering what you can do to help families at the US Border?

First:  raise your voice by calling or contacting your representative in Congress–both the House and the Senate.  You can find their contact info here:

Second:  if you can donate to help families, here are some organizations for you to consider:

If you’re wondering what the League of Women Voters of the United States is doing, here is some information we received from Chris Carson, LWVUS President:

We’ve added the League’s name to two coalition letters. The first is from the Value Our Families Campaign and the letter opposes cuts to our family-based immigration system and the diversity visa program or ramped up enforcement measures that would further tear families apart as outlined in the Goodlatte bill up for consideration. The second letter calls on Congressional leaders to oppose actions that facilitate the Department of Homeland Security’s mass detention and deportation, especially of people of color, construction of a harmful border wall, or further border militarization. Specifically, it urges to significantly cut funds for immigration detention and enforcement within the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) budgets.

And there will be more…stay tuned!

Letter to ZBA: LWVN Supports Haywood House

The following is the body of the letter sent by LWVN to the Newton Zoning Board of Appeals:

Dear Ms. Lipsitt and members of the Newton Zoning Board of Appeals:

The League of Women Voters of Newton (LWVN) supports the application from the Newton Housing Authority for approval to build the Haywood House.

We have twice supported the application for Haywood House to receive funding from the Community Preservation Committee because the project adds sorely-needed affordable housing for seniors. While we did express concern in the past about the loss of green space, we appreciate the landscaping improvements along Kennedy Circle that the project now includes.  The increased and modernized community spaces will improve the quality of life among all the Newton Housing Authority residents.

We ask that you please support the Haywood House application.

Help Incarcerated MA Voters Vote this Fall

Are you interested in helping incarcerated voters in Massachusetts exercise their right to vote this fall? Ballots Over Bars is coordinating a group of volunteers to make calls to find out what Massachusetts jails are doing to ensure the people they incarcerate have access to absentee ballots, and going into jails that want volunteer help. We are looking for people to lend help across the state – no previous criminal justice expertise necessary. E-mail elly kalfus at EKALIFY@gmail.com with “Voting in Jail” in the subject line with questions and to sign up.

NOTE:  This is not an LWVMA event, but we wanted to pass along this information to you!

Voice your opinion on Washington Street!

From the Newtonville Area Council:

The Washington Street Public Opinion Survey is Now Live

Our Envisioning Washington Street survey is now live.  You can access it through www.newtonville.org.   The survey will be open from June 12 through June 30.  We encourage all Newton residents ages 16 and up to participate.  We are hoping for a large response from residents.  

You may have seen information on a City program using the Principle Group to assess public opinion regarding Washington Street development.  However, they are not planning on doing a full public opinion survey.  We feel that we can reach many residents through our survey who might not have been able to participate in the Principle Group process.

Your input is critical to achieving a successful result!


Thanks to all those at the LWVN Annual Meeting

Many thanks to all those who attended LWVN’s exciting Annual Meeting Thursday night at the The Social in Newton Corner.  We agreed on the plan for next year and discussed a few specific items for focus.  Volunteers also stepped forward to help re-start high school scholarships (with funding added at the meeting), to plan a Civics Bee for students, and to start a new Social Justice committee.

Special thanks to Sharon Stout and Theresa Fitzpatrick for planning the dinner and to Marcia Johnson for serving as parliamentarian.  Thanks as well to the Minutes Meeting Committees for both 2017 and 2018:  Ellen Grody, Ellen Glusman, Carol Ann Shea, Andrea Kelley, Jen Abbot and Alicia Bowman.

Finally, thanks to the 2018 Nominating Committee for all their efforts:  Linda Green (Chair), Pat Acton, Ellen Grody, Sue Rosenbaum and Chris Steele.

Welcome to the new 2018-19 LWVN Board:

President:  Sue Flicop

Vice-President:  Lisa Mirabile

Treasurer:  Andrea Kozinetz

Clerk:  Theresa Fitzpatrick

Board Members:  Pia Bertelli, Alicia Bowman, Bonnie Carter, Frieda Dweck, Ellen Grody, Marcia Johnson, Lois Levin, Linda Morrison and Sharyn Roberts

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