Jane Leighton Volunteer-of-the-Year Award

Each year, the LWVN awards the “Jane Leighton” to one of its members:

Whereas Jane Leighton has for many years given generously of herself as a volunteer to the League of Women Voters, and

Whereas, she has contributed her wisdom and strength to further the goals of the League, and

Whereas, she has always willingly served in whatever capacity she has been called upon to fulfill, and

Whereas, she has consistently brought humor and goodwill to all who worked with her,

Now therefore we, the League of Women Voters of Newton, create in her honor “The Jane Leighton Volunteer-of-the-Year-Award” to be given each year to that member who exemplifies some of those qualities that we treasure in Jane.


2017 Ellen Grody

2016 Pia Bertelli

2015 Rhanna Kidwell

2014 Sue Flicop

2013 Anne Borg

2012 Ellen Glusman

2011 Terry Yoffie

2010 Lisa Mirabile

2009 Sharyn Roberts

2008 Andrea Kozinetz

2007 Andreae Downs

2006 Robin Maltz

2005 Susan Rosenbaum

2003 Ann Grantham

2002 Elaine S. Reisman

2001 Susie Heyman

2000 Patricia Acton

1999 Amelia Koch

1998 Andrea Kelley

1997 Barbara Lietzke

1996 Carol Ann Shea & Linda Morrison

1995 Deb Crossley

1994 Joan Bates

1992 Helen Jordan

1992 AnnaMaria Abernathy

1991 Judy Jaffe

1990 Nancy Crowley

1989 Barbara Herson

1988 Doris Shaines

1987 Enid Paul

1986 Bonnie Carter

1985 Anita Capeless

1984 Sandra Butzel

1983 Mary Adelstein

1982 Susan Hyde

1981 Carol Beard

1980 Jane Leighton

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