THIS WEEK: What in the world is Ranked Choice Voting? March 6th at 7 pm

What in the World Is Ranked Choice Voting?  7 p.m. March 6 at the Druker Auditorium in the Newton Free Library. 

Ever wonder what ‘ranked choice voting’ is?  Now is the time to learn about it!  LWVN is co-sponsoring a presentation by Voter Choice Massachusetts Executive Director Adam Friedman  on ranked choice voting, its benefits and uses elsewhere, including audience participation in a ranked choice vote. You will learn how this nonpartisan form of voting can help ensure (1) majority support of elected officials, (2) elimination of the “spoiler effect,” (3) candidates who appeal to a broad base of voters, (4) a wide range of candidates without fear of vote splitting, and (5) candidates who are motivated to reach beyond their base to find common ground with more voters.  This voting method has recently been enacted in Maine and is already in use in a number of cities across the country.  You will hear about the effort to get ranked choice voting approved for all Massachusetts primaries and elections for all state offices. 

Sponsored by the Newton Free Library and co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Newton.  

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