Thanks to Lisa Danetz and Launa Zimmaro!

LWVN was lucky to have two great speakers this week:

Thanks Lisa Danetz for joining us at Thursday’s Topic Meeting and sharing her knowledge and thoughts on voter suppression, gerrymandering and issues with absentee ballots. Thanks as well to Frieda Dweck, who organized the topic meeting. We came away with a deeper understanding of how big these issues are and their effects on our voting system.  We hope to continue this discussion in the future and appreciate Lisa’s and Frieda’s time as well as those who joined us.

Thanks as well to Launa Zimmaro, member of LWV of Concord and state legislative specialist on environmental issues, and to Bonnie Carter for planning Sunday’s meeting and for hosting us.  Launa spoke about LWVMA priorities of carbon pricing, clean energy alternatives and state legislation on environmental issues.  Launa also discussed issues stopping some of this legislation from becoming law and what we can do about them. Look for more information on these topics along with updates from LWVMA on legislative priorities.

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