LWVN remembers Jane Leighton

LWVN is sad to announce that Jane Leighton, past LWVN President (1975-77), passed away on January 13.  The Jane Leighton Award was named in her honor in 1980, with the following announcement:

Whereas Jane Leighton has for many years given generously of herself as a volunteer to the League of Women Voters, and

Whereas, she has contributed her wisdom and strength to further the goals of the League, and

Whereas, she has always willingly served in whatever capacity she has been called upon to fulfill, and

Whereas, she has consistently brought humor and goodwill to all who worked with her,

Now therefore we, the League of Women Voters of Newton, create in her honor “The Jane Leighton Volunteer-of-the-Year-Award” to be given each year to that member who exemplified some of those qualities that we treasure in Jane.

Jane was honored to have her name symbolize service to the community and the League, and all those who worked with her remember her with great fondness.  Please look for personal remembrances in our next newsletter…if you would like to contribute your thoughts, please contact info@lwvnewton.org.

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