Three Local Leaders Receive National Recognition after 50 Years of Service

Tamara Bliss, Alice Wolpert and Sondra Shick, LWV's new 50-Year Members

Tamara Bliss, Alice Wolpert and Sondra Shick, LWV’s new 50-Year Members

Achieving a 50-year milestone is always an accomplishment. This year marks the 50th anniversary of membership in the League of Women Voters for Tamara Bliss, Sondra Shick and Alice Wolpert.

Although the League of Women Voters of Newton (LWVN) is more than 75 years old, the honorees all began their League experiences in other communities.  As they moved around the country, they sought out their local Leagues as a way of engaging in thoughtful discussion and activity while learning about their new communities.  They then brought these talents to LWVN.

  • While a member of the Boston League, Tamara Bliss was instrumental in setting up a Community Leadership Center in Jamaica Plain.  She moved to Newton and immediately helped to set up a conference on Affordable Housing. 
  • Sondra Shick’s involvement in Fair Housing and Education in Miami, FL meant she brought important skills to address the needs of Newton, her new community. 
  • Alice Wolpert joined the League in Columbia, MO and loved the discussion groups. During moves to other locations she was involved in getting-out-the-vote, and continues working on this today in Newton.

 “Through the unselfish commitment of leaders like Tamara, Sondra and Alice, the League remains a force for change in this community and others across the country,” said Sue Flicop, LWVN President. Their efforts were recently acknowledged by the US League of Women Voters President, Elizabeth MacNamara. Certificates were presented at the LWVNewton Annual Meeting, May 30, 2013.

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