LWVN Voter Registration Team registers 94 new voters!

The LWVN Voter Registration Team registered 94 new voters at Newton South High School on June 4th at Senior Check-out Day.  Be sure to congratulate our volunteers:  Sharyn Roberts (Chair), Frieda Dweck, Tami Roberts, and Margaret Zaleski, on a job well done!

Our thanks as well to the team at Newton North on May 31 for registering 74 students:  Sharyn Roberts (Chair), Rhanna Kidwell, Phyllis Kirschner, Lynn Scheller, and our partners at the NNHS Civic Engagement Center Alison Montague and Claudia Wu.

Great Work by our Voter Registration Team!

The LWVN Voter Registration Team, working alongside the Newton North High School (NNHS) Civic Engagement Center, registered 74 new voters at the NNHS Senior Check-Out Day.  This follows other registration events earlier this year at Newton North where 82 complete registrations were gathered.  Congratulations to all the volunteers to helped to make this happen, and to Sharyn Roberts, the Voter Registration Chair!

LWVN at Waban Village Day

Many thanks to Sharyn and Tami Roberts for volunteering at the LWVN Voter Registration table at Waban Village Day!

More New Voters–from NNHS!

Thanks to the LWVN volunteers led by Sharyn Roberts and working with Newton North’s Center for Civic Engagement, 42 students were recently registered to vote!

More New Voters for November!

Thanks so much to the hard-working LWVN Voters Registration team:  Sharyn Roberts (chair), Frieda Dweck, Phyllis Kirschner, Barbara Lietske, Tami Roberts, and Cindy Shulak-Rome.  They registered voters at Senator Markey’s Town Hall at Boston College on Sunday.  While only a few people who attended needed to register to vote, it was great for LWVN to be present and visible at this event.  Both Representative Ruth Balser and Mayor Ruthanne Fuller gave LWVN a shoutout!

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