21 New Voter Registrations at Harvest Fair

Congratulations to Tami Roberts and Sharyn Roberts for a great job at Harvest Fair, registering 21 new voters!

Not sure if you are registered to vote? October 17th is the deadline!

Over 100 new registered voters at Newton North High School

Many thanks to LWVN volunteers Pia Bertelli, Renee Blumsack, Alicia Bowman, Frieda Dweck, Diana Fisher Gomberg, Beckley Gaudette, and Joanne Hooker, led by Sharyn Roberts, in their successful voter registration drive at Newton North High School!  Thanks as well to Frieda Dweck, Phyllis Kirschner and Lynn Scheller for offering to help.

In conjunction with the school’s Center for Civic Engagement and Service, students working with our volunteers registered over 100 students to vote. Mayor Fuller and Quinn Etchie, Director of Youth Services, were also at Newton North, talking and engaging with students.

Statewide Opportunities to Help with Voter Registration

LWVMA is partnering with MassAudubon to register and inform/educate voters leading up to the November 6 general election.  There are three more opportunities to participate in this initiative:

  • October 13, 4:30 to 9 pm at the Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary, Attleboro
  • October 20, 10 am to 3 pm at the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, Marshfield

Please e-mail Judy Zaunbrecher at jzaunbrecher@lwvma.org if you would like to volunteer.

33 New Voter Registrations from Newton South High School

Many thanks to Voter Registration Chair Sharyn Roberts and volunteers Frieda Dweck, Joanne Hooker and Phyllis Kirschner for their time at Newton South High School, registering students to vote.  Twenty-five students are successfully registered, and 8 more are in process.

Voter registration efforts will continue at both high schools shortly.  Contact info@lwvnewton.org if you would like to join the effort!

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