Materials for State Study on Ballot Question Process

Thanks to all who joined us today (Sunday) to learn about issues with the state ballot question process!  We will meet again in January for the consensus meeting on this topic.

So to help you prepare…a little light reading for the holiday season!  Click on the links below to be fully prepared on the pros and cons of each question.  We suggest you begin with the first link, and if you want more detail continue with the others.

Wondering about how state ballot questions work? Information and Discussion on December 9th

Do you fully understood the state ballot question process?  Complained about how long things take or been confused about what you are voting on?

Learn more about the process with LWVN.  We are participating in the LWVMA study on the state ballot question process, and will hold a meeting to talk about this topic.  Join us on December 9th, from 2 pm to 3:3o pm at the Durant-Kenrick House, 286 Waverley Avenue, Newton. We will have a consensus meeting on this topic in January, so this meeting will help prepare you for the questions we will have to consider to make new LWVMA policy.

Stay for our holiday party right afterwards!!

Movie Viewing: BIG PHARMA: Market Failure

LWV of Sudbury is co-sponsoring a movie viewing and discussion of BIG PHARMA:  Market Failure on Sunday, November 18th from 2 pm to 4 pm at the First Parish Church of Sudbury, 327 Concord Road, Sudbury.

For more on this event, please visit the LWV of Sudbury website.


League Resources for Tuesday’s Election

The election is just days away!  Below are resources from the League of Women Voters to help you choose how to vote:

The League Presents…Ballot Question 1

LWVN Topic Meeting October 2018–Q 1 Notes

The League Presents…Ballot Questions 2 and 3

LWVN Topic Meeting October 2018–Marijuana Questions

LWVMA Online Voters Guide Now Available

The LWVMA’s Online Voters Guide is now available for you to read responses from candidates to questions asked by LWVMA.  To use the Voters Guide, please click here:   

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