Save the Date for the new LWVN Book Group

Come join the LWVN for an interesting and lively discussion of Colin Woodard’s, American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America,  (2011), an award-winning book chronicling the settling of North America and the ways immigrants shaped the political culture still affecting us today. Woodard makes an interesting case for the historic reasons the red and blue states are at an impasse.

We will meet Friday, Jan 22, 2016 at the Waban Library Center [at intersection of Beacon St and Woodward St in Waban Square], 7-9 pm.  Prospective members especially welcome!

The book discussion aims to promote the LWV goals of studying key political issues to enable citizens to seek positive solutions to public policy questions.

American Nations is now available in a Penguin paperback edition .

Be a Charter Commission Observer!

LWVN would like to establish a group of members who attend Charter Commission meetings, observe the discussions, and update LWVN members on the issues.  The Charter Commission is expected to meet twice a month for the next 16 months, so we are hoping volunteers can sign up for one or more meetings every two months.  If you’d like to be an observer, please contact

Join Discussions about Lowell Ave, Crafts Street, Hammond Street and Braeland Avenue

TAG and the DPW will be holding a meeting to collect input on three streets that will be re-paved next summer, as well as for one street that will be re-paved in 2017.  These streets are:

  • Lowell Ave from Washington north to Walnut
  • Crafts Street
  • Hammond Street from Commonwealth to Ward
  • Braeland Avenue (in 2017)

The meeting is Thursday, December 3 at 7 pm in the City Hall Cafeteria.

The meeting will start with an overview of the goals, then break into tables to discuss the problems on these stretches. Finally, we will summarize common feedback on the safety profiles of each of these roads.

Share your memories of Ann Grantham with LWVN

LWVN will have an appreciation of Ann Grantham in our next newsletter, and we are asking for those of you who can share specific stories, memories or tributes to send them to Linda Morrison at  Many thanks!

You can help Massachusetts cities and towns deal with destructive public conflict

Massachusetts League members have been invited to participate in a survey, conducted under the direction of the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration (MOPC),  designed to solicit feedback on proposed solutions to the problem of destructive public conflict in our local communities.  This survey is part of a study to develop state policies and programming to deal with such conflict.

On-going public conflict over social issues can have damaging consequences for both local governments and communities. In the FY 2015 state budget, the MA Legislature commissioned the MA Office of Public Collaboration at the University of Massachusetts Boston to study conflict resolution needs of MA municipalities. The recommendations from the Interim Report of the Study have now been refined and prioritized by a committee composed of municipal officials and experts. 

This survey seeks public feedback on these recommended solutions which are being developed for inclusion in the Final Report to be filed with the Legislature in December.  By completing this survey, you will contribute to the various approaches to dealing with destructive public conflict in Massachusetts! Participation in this survey will take about 10 minutes. Please click this secure link to access the survey:

(Announcement from the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration at the University of Massachusetts Boston)

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