LWVUS – New Education Position

The LWVUS Board approved a new Education position at their March 2012 Board meeting.   The position is based on responses received from the 377 Leagues across the country who participated in the Education Study.

The new position can be found on the LWVUS website.

Thank you to all of the LWVN members who participated in the consensus meetings last fall; your input helped shape the new position.

April Topic Meeting – National Privatization Study Consensus Meetings

Come and be heard. The National League Study on Privatization is not asking us to reach consensus on whether privatization is a good thing or a bad thing, but to educate ourselves so that we understand the details of how and why privatization occurs and the policies that need to be in place to not only ensure that privatizing a public service is not only more cost effective, but that private entities are held to the same standards as government entities in their responsibility to the public.  This is your chance to help decide League positions.

Come to either meeting.  The first half hour of each meeting will be an opportunity for you to become more informed about the issue and to review the questions.  Bring a brown bag lunch for the daytime meeting.  Light refreshments will be served at each meeting.

Date: Thursday, April 12, 2012

Times: 11:00am­­‑1:30pm and 6:30-9:00pm

Location: NewTV Conference Room, 23 Needham St

For more information, see our Privatization Study page.

Thank You for a Successful Transportation Forum

Thank you very much to presenters Stephanie Pollack, chair of the mayor’s Transportation Advisory Committee, Eric Bourassa, transportation manager for the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Jacqueline Douglas, director of Livable Streets, and Candace Havens, Newton’s Director of Planning and Development, for the very successful forum on November 29, about transportation in Newton and the surrounding region. A standing-room-only audience heard about the findings of studies on Routes 128 and 9, the year-long study by the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), as well as transportation models that seek to balance the needs of all modes of transportation, including: pedestrians, bikes, cars and public transportation.

Background information for the LWVN’s Transportation Study, as well as information discussed at the forum, can be found here.

LWVUS National Consensus Study: Role of the Federal Government in Public Education

We encourage you to participate in the upcoming National Consensus Study on the Role of the Federal Government in Public Education.

Here’s how…

BECOME INFORMED – The National Study webpage has a lot of background information on this important issue for you to read.  If you want to go further, the Newton League has purchased a few copies of two books that provide more in-depth information on this important question.  The books are The Death and Life of the Great American School System by Diane Ravitch and The Flat World and Education by Linda Darling-Hammond. If you wish to borrow either of these books please e-mail info@lwvnewton.org.

ATTEND THE CONSENSUS MEETINGS – We will be holding two Consensus Meetings; both will be on Thursday, October 13.  One meeting will be during our regular topic meeting time and location, at 11:30 a.m., at the NewTV Conference Room, 23 Needham Street, Newton Highlands and will focus on the Common Core questions.  The second meeting will be that evening at 7:00 p.m. in the Newton City Hall Cafeteria (basement level) and will focus on the Equity and Funding questions.

At our information meeting on October 3, we had handouts on both the Common Core Standards and Equity and Funding.  If you were not able to attend that meeting, we are making them available for you here:

Common Core Standards Information

Equity and Funding Information

For your reference, we have also included the consensus questions in both Word and PDF formats:

The Role of the Federal Government in Public Education Consensus questions (Word)

The Role of the Federal Government in Public Education Consensus questions (PDF)

We hope you will get involved. If you plan to attend one of these meetings or would help us to encourage League attendance, please email Committee Co-Chairs Jo Corro and Lynn Scheller at: info@lwvnewton.org.

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