City of Newton: Newton Power Choice Contract is Signed!

LWVN received this press release from the City of Newton:

The City of Newton today signed an historic contract for all of the City’s electricity customers that is 60 percent from local renewable sources such as solar and wind, significantly reducing the City’s carbon footprint while also cutting the price customers pay.

This is an additional 46 percent above the state mandate for renewables.

Today’s decision makes Newton the community with far and away the highest percentage of additional local renewable electricity of any municipal aggregation program in Massachusetts. Of the 40 cities and towns with municipal aggregation programs that provide electricity from renewable energy sources above the amount mandated by state law, none provide an amount of local renewable electricity comparable to the 60% in Newton Power Choice. The closest is Brookline which will be at 39% in 2019, which includes the 14% state mandate.

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Newton Power Choice: Topic Meeting notes now available

Notes from LWVN Topic Meeting on Newton Power Choice
Date:  November 15, 2018 8:00 am
Location:  Durant-Kenrick House
Presenter:  Ann Berwick, Director of Sustainability for the City of Newton
Assisted by: Marcia Cooper, President, Green Newton

Most Newton residents have their electricity delivered to them by Eversource.  Eversource procures its electricity from various suppliers in the marketplace and then charges its customers based on a “Basic Service” contract.  Rates under this contract fluctuate every six months depending on what is required by state law and from whom the electricity is purchased.

State law requires that a certain percentage of electricity sources come from renewable energy.  In 2018, that percentage is 13%.  In 2019, the percentage increases to 14%, and beginning in 2020, the percentage will increase by 2% annually.

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Washington Street Vision Document is ready for comments!

From Marcia Johnson and Tamara Bliss, Washington Street Community Connectors:

Dear Community Friends & Neighbors,

Now that Standard Time is here, the days are getting shorter and temperatures are dropping, it’s a perfect opportunity to spend some time reading the Washington Street Vision Document which is now ready for review and comment.  We think you’ll find it quite interesting and informative!  The great part is that you can enter your own comments and read those of others.

To get started, just use the link Washington Street Vision Document.  Please be patient as these are large documents and can take a few moments to open

We have now started a month-long public comment period, which will close Sunday December 2nd, 2018.  Therefore it is critical for everyone to read and comment on as much of the content as possible before the comment period closes.

Thank you for your continued support for diverse housing and a smart approach to transportation that enables everyone to live, work, and play here in Newton and the surrounding communities.

Thursday Topic Meeting on Newton Power Choice

What is Newton Power Choice and How Can you Impact the City’s Decisions About Your Energy Sources?  Come learn with LWVN! 

The City of Newton is developing a new electricity program, called Newton Power Choice.  It will increase the amount of renewable energy in your electricity supply.  How much renewable energy do you think the City should include in its energy contracts?  And how much would you be willing to pay for cleaner energy?

 Join members of the League of Women Voters of Newton (LWVN) on Thursday, November 15th from 8:00 am – 9:30 am at the Durant-Kenrick House (286 Waverley Ave, Newton) as we hear about this electricity aggregation program and the impact it will have on our community’s efforts to address climate change.  RSVPs to are appreciated!

For more information on Newton Power Choice, go to

JCHE responses to questions on Golda Meir House expansion

JCHE, which runs the Golda Meir House in Newton, responded to questions posed by LWVN and other audience members at the recent Newton CPC meeting.  To read them, click here:  JCHE response to questions

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