Celebrate 2 CPC Projects: Newton Highlands Playground and the Whipple Fence

Celebrate Newton Highlands Playground on April 26th!

On Friday, April 26th from 4 to 7 pm, come put the revitalized Newton Highlands Playground through its paces with games, family activities and refreshments! The Parks & Recreation Dept. combined $2.7 million in CPA funding with CDBG (federal) funds to create a new tot lot, courts, playing fields, and accessible pathways and to improve the woodland trails. The playground is at 10 Dedham Street

Help Re-Dedicate the Whipple-Beal Fence on June 2nd!

The League of Women Voters was a supporter of Newton Cemetery’s application to the CPC for the restoration of the historic Whipple-Beal fence in Newton Cemetery & Arboretum. The Friends of Newton Cemetery is planning a ceremony to re-dedicate the restored fence, and we are cordially invited. Join Mayor Ruthanne Fuller, the fence restoration team and the Friends of Newton Cemetery on Sunday, June 2nd @ 3:00 pm and see one of the most historic elements in the Cemetery back in place, fully restored. 

JCHE responses to questions on Golda Meir House expansion

JCHE, which runs the Golda Meir House in Newton, responded to questions posed by LWVN and other audience members at the recent Newton CPC meeting.  To read them, click here:  JCHE response to questions

LWVN support two CPC applications: Webster Woods and the Golda Meir House expansion

In the last two months, LWVN supported two applications before the Community Preservation Commission (CPC):  one for $100,000 to fund an appraisal of Webster Woods as well as a contract with outside legal counsel to help strategize the proposed purchase, and one for $3.25 million to fund an extension of the Golda Meir House that will add 69 units of much-needed senior housing.

To read LWVN’s letter to the Newton CPC, click on the links below.

Help Wanted: Join LWVN’s CPC Committee

LWVN has weighed in on EVERY application that has gone before Newton’s Community Preservation Commission since it began.  We want to continue this important tradition, bringing an important voice to the decision on how to best use funds that citizens agreed should go to the CPC priorities of affordable housing, historic preservation, open space and recreation. LWVN focuses on whether or not each application fits appropriately into these priorities, benefits the entire community, and uses CPC funding as leverage for other resources (financial or otherwise).

Several long-time committee members have now moved on to elected office and so we hope to add some LWVN members who care about these issues.  The committee only works on applications before the CPC (not pre-applications), so there might be 4 or 5 a year at most.  The work involves reading CPC applications and filling out the LWVN form that helps provide a structure to evaluate the proposal. We as a committee then review the results from all the readers and make a recommendation (with comments) to the LWVN Board for their approval.  The Board then send a letter with the approved comments and recommendation to the Newton Community Preservation Commission.

You can choose which applications to work on depending on the topic and if the time is right for you.  Please consider joining the committee! If you are interested or have questions, please contact us at info@lwvnewton.org.


Help Wanted! Volunteer needed to lead LWVN’s CPC Committee

LWVN has a tradition of commenting on every application that is submitted to the City of Newton’s Community Preservation Commission (CPC).  We have a core group of volunteers who review and evaluate the applications, but we need someone to organize the reviews and be the liaison with the LWVN Board.  The committee is only active when there is an application to review, and most of this can be done by email.

If you are interested, please contact us at info@lwvnewton.org.  Thank you!

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