Kathryn Winters

Candidate for Charter Commission

photo of Kathryn Winters

I am a 15-year resident of Newton (and Boston College graduate). I am an attorney (Georgetown Law) and am actively engaged in the community, currently serving on the Waban Area Council. I look forward to working hard to determine if we can improve our charter.

Questions and Answers

Question 1

What characteristics do you think are important in a charter commission member?

Charter review is a unique process and I believe I have the right set of skills for the job – I am open-minded, a good listener, and able to build consensus. As a lawyer, I will bring a good understanding of the interplay between the charter, state law, and our local ordinances. I will apply foresight to ensure that a revised charter provides the right government structure for decades to come.

Question 2

What community involvement and/or experience would you bring to the charter commission?

I serve as an elected member of the Waban Area Council, where I have been involved in hearing from residents and responding to concerns, and in building consensus among the nine members of the Council on various (sometimes highly-charged) issues. I have done various other community work over the years – including Windsor Club Board, Sacred Heart Parish Council, Hills & Falls Board, Wide Horizons for Children volunteer work, and Angier PTO (various roles).

Question 3

What are the key areas of the charter you would like to see reviewed?

Critical areas to review are those relating to the composition, method of election, and terms of the legislative body and mayor. Those areas can only be revised through the charter commission process or by a state legislature “Special Acts” amendment. Other changes can be made at any time through the local amendment process. While all aspects of the charter should be reviewed, we have to get it right on these critical areas as a priority.

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