2012-2013 Program

In addition to the program positions already approved, the LWVN voted at the May 2012 Annual Meeting to adopt the following program:

Participation in the LWVN Transportation Study.

Creation of a local Education Review Committee / Study.

Organization of a campaign to collect sufficient signatures for a petition to place the question of whether to elect a Charter Commission on the ballot at the November 2013 municipal election.

The LWVN also voted to adopt the following local action priorities:

CPA/Observer Corps: Review CPA applications and expand our Observer Corps.

Municipal Finance: Committee members will attend city budget and finance meetings as observers. The committee will decide on the scope of activity for this initiative.

Housing: Work with UCHAN and other housing organizations in the City in support of increasing the stock of affordable housing in Newton as well as advocating for projects that meet the goals of the Comprehensive Plan for good development in Newton.

Education:  Review policies and positions, including state education priorities, and evaluate the need for a local education study.  Timeline would be: Year 1 – education of members and public, research advisability of study, and develop focus. The committee may organize a forum; Year 2 – consensus study. (The committee is seeking a co-chair and members.)

Land Use: Review City zoning regulations while emphasizing a broad approach to the discussion of zoning and development to include: transit oriented development, green infrastructure strategies, low impact development (LID), and the complete streets idea.

Environmental Issues:

Pedestrian mobility, access and safety:

Support improvements in Newton, including effective implementation and enforcement of ordinances requiring sidewalk snow clearance, and their renewal beyond the 2013 sunset for residences.

Water & Sewer:

Support the long-term infrastructure planning process and funding.

Advocate for addressing non-point source pollution, mitigating climate change, improving local water quality, and reducing ratepayer costs.

Follow state environmental legislation.


Attend meetings of the Newton Election Commissioners.

Continue meetings with the Executive Secretary of the Election Commission to improve Poll Worker recruitment, training, and evaluation.

Research feasibility, advisability, and process for adding 5th Election Commissioner (unenrolled voter).

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