2011-2012 Program

In addition to the program positions already approved, the LWVN voted at the June 2011 Annual Meeting to adopt the following program:

Land Use Positions:

In all our land use positions, the LWVN’s aim is to support the goals set forth in Newton’s Comprehensive Plan.

1. Housing

Support maintaining and creating the full spectrum of housing types to reflect and enhance the diversity of Newton’s population and neighborhoods..

2. Economic Development

Support Economic Development policies that retain and create businesses that contribute to the vitality of the community.

3. Development-Mixed use       

Support new development and redevelopment projects that are mixed use, compact, transit-oriented, and/or that minimize adverse environmental impacts.

4. Zoning

Support zoning ordinances that are clear and understandable. We encourage the City to consider new zoning practices in its ordinances.

Changes to existing positions under Zoning:

    • Add “regional” to “long range professional planning” position, p. 30
    • Delete off-street parking requirement, p. 30

A LWVN Transportation Review Committee / Study

The LWVN also voted to adopt the following local action priorities:

CPA/Observer Corps: Seek more volunteers at Annual Meeting with interest per topic, locale, or expertise.

Municipal Finance:

Observe and communicate activities of Board of Aldermen

Educate membership through Topic Meeting(s)

Lead collaboration with other LWVN committees regarding the municipal budget.

Housing:  Work with UCHAN and other housing organizations in the City in support of increasing the stock of affordable housing in Newton as well as advocating for projects that meet the goals of the Comprehensive Plan for good development in Newton.

EducationContinued Research:  we will continue our exploration of feasible, beneficial and cost-neutral structural options for the Newton Public Schools, in an effort to extend the work of the CAG.  We plan to survey parents, with the expectation that this will foster open, public conversation.

Environmental Committee:

Waste Reduction

continue our efforts to improve recycling rates and reduce trash in Newton

work with the state league and local elected officials to expand the bottle bill and reduce plastic bag use

Storm Water and Sewers

support an increase in the sewer and stormwater surcharge rates to levels adequate for repair and maintenance

support prudent ways to encourage reduction of inflow into the sewers

educate through forums to explain principles and concepts of “surface area, water quality,” and related terms to encourage “low impact development”


continue collaboration with Newton Safe Sidewalks and the Mayor’s Transportation Advisory Committee

begin education through forums on urban transportation planning terms and principles

Election Committee:

 Attend meetings of the Newton Election Commissioners.

Continue meetings with the Executive Secretary of the Election Commission to improve Poll Worker recruitment, training and evaluation.


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