2009-2010 Program

In addition to the program positions already approved, the LWVN voted at the May 7, 2009 Annual Meeting to adopt the following program:

  • A study of Newton’s City Charter.

The LWVN also voted to adopt the following local action priorities:

  • CPC: Continue to monitor the Community Preservation Committee.
  • Safe Sidewalks: Continue to work toward an ordinance to require residents to clear snow from sidewalks, and to work for enforcement of existing ordinances.
  • Municipal Finance: Continue to educate Newton citizens about the Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) reports and recommendations for both the municipal and public schools’ budgets and operations.
  • Solid Waste: Support and continue efforts to educate residents on the merits of a “Pay as You Throw” trash program in Newton as recommended by the Citizen Advisory Group.
    • Support and continue efforts to significantly increase citywide recycling (parks, businesses, condos, schools, etc.).
  • Energy: Continue to monitor the status of, and work produced by, ESCO (Energy Service Co. — contracts recently signed by the City to implement energy conservation projects in city buildings) to assess how well the proposed scope of work will address needed upgrades to City buildings and infrastructure.
    • Continue to monitor and support developing new and renovated city buildings to a higher standard of energy conservation and environmental performance.
  • Housing: Support efforts by the Housing Action Plan Initiative (HAPI) to remove obstacles to building more affordable housing in the City.
    • Support the Accessory Apartment Initiative Plan.
  • Elections: Continue the work of the Election Commission Task Force.
  • Public Education: Study and facilitate civic discussions around recommendations/options for possible systemic change to the Newton Public Schools’ budgetary and operational structure, and identify and advocate for those changes that assure feasible implementation, cost-effectiveness, and significant education benefit to students.
    • Undertake a role in facilitating and coordinating broad-based community efforts to support the Newton Public Schools via providing enhancements and achieving strategic goals.

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