Environmental Issues

2018-2019 Program:

  1. Waste Reduction
    1. Continue our efforts to improve recycling rates and reduce trash in Newton
    2. Review the single-stream recycling program. Single stream degrades the quality and ultimately the quantity of recyclables.
  2. Storm Water and Sewers
    1. Support prudent ways to encourage reduction of I/I (inflow/infiltration) into the sewers
    2. Educate and update members on the principles and concepts of “surface area, water quality” and related terms to encourage “low impact development”
  3. Energy/Climate Change
    1. Support of a revenue neutral fee on carbon. Facilitate education through forums.
    2. Gas leaks. Support state legislation to reduce gas leaks and work to increase maintenance of gas lines in Newton
  4. Transportation
    1. Focus efforts on transportation changes that reduce vehicle miles traveled and increase safety for all road users.
    2. Continue collaboration with Newton Safe Sidewalks, the Mayor’s Transportation Advisory Group and other partners.
    3. Continue education through forums on urban transportation planning terms and principles.
    4. Support the system in place for implementing the Newton Bicycle Network Plan.
    5. Support and encourage the state League’s efforts regarding public transit and their other transportation priorities.

Past Program:

This year, the Environmental Issues Committee is focusing on the following areas:

  1. Support efforts to educate LWVN members and Newton residents about water quality issues in Newton. See information on our recent and upcoming stormwater forums.
  2. Support implementation of the Comprehensive Plan’s Transportation and Mobility section.
  3. Safe Sidewalks: Continue to work towards improving pedestrian mobility in Newton, including an ordinance to require residents to clear snow from sidewalks, and to support enforcement of existing snow ordinances.
  4. Explore supporting statewide plastic bag tax or ban.
  5. Continue efforts to monitor and support single stream recycling and pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) in Newton.
  6. Continue to be engaged in City environmental issues, including monitoring the City on energy conservation

Documents and links on these and other issues that we have been engaged in are below:

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