Education Committee Program, 2018-19

  1. Organize and promote a civics competition for secondary school students to promote interest in government and civic engagement.
  2. Engage members and inform Board on issues related to local, state and national education positions.

Education Committee Program, 2011-2012

Continued Research:  we will continue our exploration of feasible, beneficial and cost-neutral structural options for the Newton Public Schools, in an effort to extend the work of the CAG.  We plan to survey parents, with the expectation that this will foster open, public conversation.

Education Committee Program, 2010-2011

  1. Follow up on the findings published by the Citizens Advisory Group pertaining to its analysis of the Newton Public Schools’ (NPS) financial and operating structures.
  2. Study and facilitate civic discussions around the various recommendations/options for possible NPS system-wide change; and to identify and advocate for those changes that assure feasible implementation, cost-effectiveness, and significant benefit and improvement – in both scope and scale – to the school system.
  3. Actively participate in studying of the role of the Federal Government in Public Education as part of a national program, pending adoption by the LWVUS

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