City Council Meetings for the Week of February 4

A weekly summary of City Council agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN.

Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

Extracted from the full City Council calendar.

Key to color coding: CPC, Charter/Elections, Education, Environmental, Finance, Housing, Planning.

February 4 – February 10

Mon, Feb 4 7:45 pm City Council Chamber
Tues, Feb 5 7:00 pm Land Use Chamber
Weds, Feb 6 8:00 am

7:00 pm

7:00 pm

7:00 pm

Fair Housing

Public Facilities

Public Safety & Transportation

Programs & Services





Thurs, Feb 7 6:30 pm Draft Zoning Ord – Ward 1 Ciocarro Club
Sun, Feb 9 4:00 pm Riverside Visioning Williams School



  • 2-4 City Council:  Motion to Reconsider Filed by Councilor Albright Amendment to increase income eligibility for clause 41A tax deferral program; Discussion and adoption of Economic Development Strategy Plan  full docket here
  • 2-6 Fair Housing  Review of new developments with fair housing criteria; review of CBGB full agenda
  • 2-6 Public Facilities: Authorization to enter into lease negotiations for Solar Phase III project sites full agenda
  • 2-6 Programs & Services: Ordinance amendments to the Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance revising the definition of “reusable bag”, revising the definition for retailers to include establishments of less than 3,500 sq. ft., and adding a 10-cent fee for paper bags provided by the retailer  full agenda


  • 1-16 Solar Project Phase III presentation and list of Councilor questions here
  • 1-16 Blue Ribbon Commission on Compensation meeting minutes
  • 1-23 Public Facilities Ordinance amendments for enforcement and fines for sidewalk clearing violations (Held 8-0) to arrange public comments session; Q&A, presentation and report on Authorization to enter into lease negotiations for Solar Phase III project sites (Held 8-0)  full report
  • 1-28 Finance  Amendment to increase the non-resident parking permit fee from $25 to a range which will include a maximum cap, to better cover costs and encourage alternatives to driving in parts of the City where demand is high. Public Safety Approved 8-0 on 11/07/18 (Held 4-0, Lappin, Norton, and Rice not voting); Ordinance amendment to divest of funds from fossil fuel companies (Held 5-1 Norton opposed; Gentile not voting) full report
  • 1-28 Zoning & Planning Adoption of Climate Action Plan (Held 7-0 Councilor Kalis not voting)  The Plan will delve into 6 areas of focus that the working group has identified as being most pertinent for Newton:
    1. Improvement of existing buildings
    2. New construction or major redevelopment
    3. Mobility/Transportation
    4. Clean energy
    5. Municipal leadership
    6. Resource use, recovery and disposal
    For each one of these focus areas, the Plan will provide relevant data as well as some recommended action itemsfull report
  • 2-4 Revised Economic Development Strategy Plan
  • Northland Project Transportation Engineering Peer Review:   Full report here

Upcoming Public Hearings

  • 2-11, 7:00 PM in Room 205, Joint ZAP/Planning & Development Board Public Hearing – Inclusionary Zoning/Washington Street Draft Plan #2
  • 3-21, 7:00 pm Climate Action Plan Public Meeting



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