City Council Meetings for the Week of September 17

A weekly summary of City Council agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN.

Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

Extracted from the full City Council calendar.

Key to color coding: CPC, Charter/Elections, Education, Environmental, Finance, Housing, Planning.

September 17 to September 21

Mon, Sept 17 7:00 pm

7:45 pm

School Committee

City Council

Ed Center


Tues, Sept 18 Yom Kippur
Weds, Sept 19   Yom Kippur  
Thur, Sept 20 6:45 pm

7 pm

Land Use Committee

Traffic Council




Charter Sub-Committee Meetings canceled on 9-20 and 9-26


  • 9-17 School Committee:  Vote on School Committee Goals, Systemwide Goals and Superintendent’s Assessment.  Discussion of Long Range Facilities plan.
  • 9-17 City Council: Discussion of Special Permit Petition for Garden Remedies;
  • 9-20 Land Use Committee: Public Hearing on Request to move 4 inclusionary units from Hancock Estates to 219 Commonwealth Ave “It should be noted, however, that while all 28 units at 219 Commonwealth Avenue only have 1 bathroom, 4 of the required 13 inclusionary units at Hancock Estates have 1.5 bathrooms and 7 of the 13 units have 2 bathrooms – a noticeable downside to the proposal to locate some of the required inclusionary units off-site. In addition, the average square footage of the units at 219 Commonwealth Avenue is much smaller than that at Hancock Estates: an average of 666 sf at 219 Commonwealth Avenue, compared to an average of 942 sf for the 13 required inclusionary units at Hancock Estates.”  full memo here

Upcoming Public Hearings

  • September 20, 7 pm, Chamber
    • Request to move inclusionary units (see Land Use above)
  • September 24, 7 pm, Chambers
    • re: amendments to the Newton Zoning Ordinance to regulate the use of land, structures and buildings for recreational marijuana establishments
    • amendment to Newton Comprehensive Plan with the Economic Development Strategy Plan 
  • September 25, 7 pm, Chambers
    • Request to Rezone 3 parcels for Northland Development on Needham St.
    • Special Permit to all mixed-use development for Northland on Needham St.


Finance Committee 9-12:  Accepted a $40,000 Recycling IQ Grant awarded by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to be used to address recycling contamination. Action: Approved 5-1 (Gentile opposed)

Zoning & Planning 9-12:  Zoning Amendment for Inclusionary Zoning to increase the required percentage of affordable units; to require that some affordable units be designated for middle-income households; to create a new formula for calculating payments in lieu of affordable units; and to clarify and improve the ordinance with other changes as necessary. Action:  oning & Planning Held 7‐0 Note: A full report of this discussion will be available on September 21st.

Recent City Reports:

City of Newton Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation and Resiliency Action Plan, August 2018

  • Contains predictions, recommendations, esp.  for stormwater and flooding, and a wide variety of residential and demographic data  full report here

City of Newton Street Design Guide, adopted July 2018

  • Newton envisions a safe, smart, accessible, livable, and sustainable multimodal transportation system with the goal of eliminating all transportation-related fatalities and injuries. The Newton Street Design Guide (the Guide) translates this vision into actionable engineering and design guidance for all public and private streets within the City of Newton. Guidance is based on a “Complete Streets” approach to street design that ensures the needs of all users are met, including people walking, biking, taking transit, and driving.   Full guide here




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