City Council Meetings for the Week of October 1

A weekly summary of City Council agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN.

Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

Extracted from the full City Council calendar.

Key to color coding: CPC, Charter/Elections, Education, Environmental, Finance, Housing, Planning.

October 1 to October 5

Mon, Oct 1 7:00 pm

7:10 pm

City Council

School Committee

Tues, Oct 2 7:00 pm Land Use Chamber
Weds, Oct 3 8:00 am

7:00 pm

7:00 pm

7:00 pm

Fair Housing Committee

Programs & Services

Public Facilities

Public Safety & Transportation





10-3 Charter Sub-Committee meeting canceled


  • 10-1 City Council:  will review recommendations from Finance Committee: Requesting Blue Ribbon Commission to review of compensation of elected, management, and non-union salaries (F approved 7-0 Rice not voting); Report on developers’ profits on 40B projects (F held),  Ordinance amendment to divest City funds from fossil fuel companies (F held); from Land Use:  special permit for off-site relocation of inclusionary zoning units at Kesseler Woods (LW held); special permit for medical marijuana dispensary at Elliot St (LU approved); special permit to allow Mixed Use Development Northland project (LU held); from Zoning & Planning:  marijuana zoning (Z&P held); Adoption of Economic Development Strategy Plan as an amendment to the 2007 Comprehensive Plan (Z&P held)  full docket here
  • 10-1 School Committee:  Discussion on Full Day Kindergarten and Student Assignment Working Group; update on High School Start Times; vote on CIP  full agenda here
  • 10-2 Land Use:  $2.5 mill CPA funds for JFK Circle Affordable Senior Rentals; $3 mill CPA funds for Haywood House affordable rental units
  • 10-3 Fair Housing Committee: Final version review of the Committee’s 2009 “Statement of Mission and Organizational Structure.” Comments on Golda Meir proposal to CPC:  Reviewing project consideration of Fair Housing Goals – re: California Street & Laurance Lee
  • 10-3 Public Facilities: The Committee will hear an update from Director of Sustainable Materials Management relative to the Organic Waste Pilot and Recycling IQ ProgramDiscussion with DPW and National Grid regarding steelworkers lockout
  • 10-3 Public Safety & Transportation:  Appeal of Traffic Council Decision on Derby Street, Discussion of Lime Bikes


Northland Project Presentation (pages 25-34), Q&A, and Public Comments (pages 8-13) Unanswered questions:  Q: Will the open space be in perpetuity? How will the site be connected to the surrounding community? Will there be opportunities to work with MBTA regarding enhanced bus service and improved Green Line service. Q: More details of the shuttle system are important. Who will manage this long-term and what if it fails?  Full Land Use Report Here

Offsiting of Kessler Woods Inclusionary Units to Commonwealth near BC Public Comment (page 4) and Livable Newton’s opposition letter (page 16-20)  Full Land Use Report Here

Economic Development Plan presentation and Q&A:  Q. There is nothing going on with transit at the state level. There is $7B in deferred maintenance and there is no money to improve services in the state. Councilors are always asked how can the City increase density in certain areas when there are inadequate transportation options. Pressure needs to be put on the state to figure out how to make this better and find the money to make it happen. Revenue needs to be generated for transit and it is critical for growth in appropriate areas.
A. This is why it is critical to have the kind of development in a mixed-use that is near the current transit lines.
Q. Are there other ways to get private companies to coordinate and provide community shuttles?
A. Camoin does not have great examples of that, which is perplexing to them as well because the companies are solving their own problems but are not helping community‐wide. Ride‐sharing causes the same concerns and how it erodes the capability to invest in public infrastructure. Resources and revenue have to be devoted to these solutions beyond the local level.  Full Zoning & Planning Report Here

City of Newton Draft Economic Development Strategy, July 2018  

  • The five main goals identified through this planning process include:
    • Goal 1: Take steps to pursue development sectors that make Newton both commercially successful and a great place to live, work, and play.
    • Goal 2: Focus redevelopment efforts on key parcels and corridors in Newton
    • Goal 3: Support the start-up, growth, stability, and vitality of businesses and entrepreneurs in Newton
    • Goal 4: Make the development process more predictable and efficient including community consensus and refinement of the review process.
    • Goal 5: Maintain and enhance the special qualities of Newton while improving transportation throughout the City for residents, businesses, and visitors.
  • Consultants’ Economic Development Action Plan begins on page 12 here

City of Newton Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation and Resiliency Action Plan, August 2018

  • Contains predictions, recommendations, esp.  for stormwater and flooding, and a wide variety of residential and demographic data  full report here




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