Docket Digest for the Week of March 4

A weekly summary of City Council agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN, extracted from the Friday packet.

Key to color coding: CPC, Planning, Environmental, Finance, Charter/Elections, Housing.

March 5 to 9 

Mon, Mar 5 7 pm

7:30 pm

7:45 pm

School Committee

Finance Committee

City Council

Ed Center



Tues, Mar 6 7 pm

7 pm

Land Use Committee

Human Rights Commission



Wed, Mar 7 8 am

7 pm

7 pm

7 pm

Fair Housing Committee

Programs & Services Committee

Public Facilities Committee

Public Safety & Transportation C





 Thur, Mar 8  7 pm UChan Housing Series  Elliot Church


  • 2-27 Land Use: NEWTON HOUSING AUTHORITY petition for SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL  to remove 26,366 sq. ft. of land from the existing lots at 83-127 and 106-128 JFK Circle to develop 55 affordable elderly housing units.  Held.  full report here
  • 2-26 Charter Subcommittee:  Intends to produce a report of recommendations by end of spring to bring to Programs & Services Committee full report here
  • 2-26 Zoning & Planning:  Feedback on the Zoning Redesign Event Series on Transportation and Art.  full report here
  • 2-21 Public Facilities:  Crescent St Housing and Ford Playground Redevelopment Project, held, pending revised housing and/or funding plans.  full report here


  • 3-7 Public Safety & Transportation:  a discussion with the Chief of Police to explain to the City Council how “community policing” works  full agenda here
  • 3-7 Public Facilities:  Presentation on energy supply contracts, solar energy, and municipal energy use, update on Newton Power Choice full agenda here
  • 3-8 UChan Series:  Financing for Various Types of Housing at the Eliot Church (474 Centre Street). Presentations from Nancy McCafferty of Massachusetts Housing Partnership; Bart Lloyd of Preservation of Affordable Housing, a developer of large projects (more than 100 units); and Dan Violi, a consultant to developers of smaller projects (less than 50 units).

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