Docket Digest for the Week of February 26

A weekly summary of City Council agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN, extracted from the Friday packet.

Key to color coding: CPC, Planning, Environmental, Finance, Charter/Elections, Housing.

February 26 – March 2 

Mon, Feb 26  

6:00 pm

7:00 pm

Finance Committee – Cancelled

Charter Review Subcommittee

Zoning & Planning Committee




Tues, Feb 27 7:00 pm  Land Use Committee Chamber
Wed, Feb 28 5:00 pm Zoning Redesign Drop-In 106 


  • 2-13 CPC:  voted unanimously (8-0) to commission a review of the Crescent Street project’s financials by an independent, expert consultant. Work is underway to finalize the scope of work and identify the consultant. The project’s $2,575,000 CPA funding request for final design & construction remains pending.
  • 2-20 City Council:  Approved a Director of Transportation Planning position in the Planning Department;  to increase the salary of the City Clerk/Clerk of the Council; the West Newton Square Enhancements Project to improve safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motor vehicle operators; and to allow cooking facilities in lodging houses Accepted a $25,000 grant from the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs to include stormwater guides in the Street Design Guide.   Referred to Finance Committee:  Accept MGL C. 64N Sec 3 to impose local sales tax on recreational marijuana; Postponed: Zoning Amendments for Recreational Marijuana Establishments vote to refer to Zoning   full report here


  • 2-26 Charter Review Subcommittee:   Chair Baker: “My sense of our work is not to redo the work of the Charter Commission.  …  our task is to identify:  A.  Technical amendments as to form to update the Charter…  B.  Amendments which involve clarification or modification about which there is no controversy.  C. Amendments about which some discussion in the full P&S Committee is warranted, as they constitute minor policy changes that were not adopted by the Voters. D. Amendments likely to require full Council deliberation as major policy issues are involved.”  agenda/memo here
  • 2-26  Zoning & Planning agenda here
  • 2-27 Land Use:   Newton Housing Authority petition to remove 26,366 sq. ft. of land from the existing lots at 83-127 and 106-128 JFK Circle to develop 55 affordable elderly housing units  more information here  full agenda here

Public Hearing Notices:

  • March 12 at 7 pm re:  Northland Development requesting to amend  Newton Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 30, Section 4.4.1 to allow parking facilities, accessory and non‐accessory, single and multi‐level in the Mixed Use 1 District by special permit.  full notice here
  • March 13 on petition to allow 18‐unit multi-family dwelling at 189‐193 Adams St/19 Quirk Ct.

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