Docket Digest for the Week of February 5

A weekly summary of City Council agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN, extracted from the Friday packet.

Key to color coding: CPC, Planning, Environmental, Finance, Charter/Elections, Housing.

February 5-February 8

Mon, Feb 5  7:45 pm City Council
Wed, Feb 7 8 am

7 pm

7 pm

Fair Housing Committee

Public Safety & Transportation

Public Facilities




Thur, Feb 8 6:30 pm Auburndale Square Public Hearing 207

 City Council Items to be Acted On:

  • Authorization to expend $500,000 from Free Cash for the purpose of developing an actionable plan for the Washington Street Corridor (budget summary in 1-22 Finance Committee Report)
    Finance Held 8-0 on 1/22/18
    Zoning & Planning Held 8-0
  • Authorization of the addition of one full-time employee position in the Planning & Development Department to create a Director of Transportation Planning position.
    Finance Approved 6-0-2 (Ciccone, Lappin abstaining) on 01/22/18
    Zoning & Planning Approved 7-0-1 (Krintzman abstaining)
  • Authorization to expend $120,000 from Free Cash for the purpose of funding additional final design engineering services for the West Newton Square rehabilitation project.
    Finance Approved 7-0-1 (Ciccone abstaining) on 01/22/18
    Public Facilities Approved 6-0-2(Councilors Gentile, Lappin abstaining)
  • Authorization to expend $380,000 from Free Cash for the purpose of funding expanded streetscape design and engineering services for Newtonville Village improvements.
    Public Facilities Held 8-0
  • Referred to Programs & Services Committee
    #114-18 Amendment to City Charter to change composition of City Council
    COUNCILOR LIPOF requesting that the City Council seek Home Rule Legislation to amend the City Charter to change the composition of the City Council from 16 Councilors-at-Large and 8 Ward Councilors, to 8 Councilors-at-Large and 8 Ward Councilors.
  • Referred to Programs & Services and Finance Committees
    #127-18 Prohibition on polystyrene-based disposable food or beverage containers
    COUNCILORS DANBERG, ALBRIGHT, NORTON, CROSSLEY, LEARY, AND KALIS requesting a prohibition on polystyrene-based disposable food or beverage containers in the City of Newton if that packaging takes place on the premises of food establishments within the City.


  • 2-5 City Council Docket here
  • 2-7  Fair Housing:  discussion about advocating for State adoption of “An Act to Promote Housing Choices,” legislation from the Governor to promote housing production.
  • 2-7  Public Safety & Transportation: review plans for West Newton Square. Proposed plans:
  • 2-7  Public Facilities:  discussion on Crescent Street Housing and Reverend Ford Playground Expansion Project
  • 2-8 Planning Auburndale Square Public Hearing: a 1-year check back and presentation to discuss re-design. The meeting will include City Councilors and representatives from the Department of Public Works, Planning and Police Departments.

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