Docket Digest for the Week of December 4-8

A weekly summary of City Council agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN, extracted from the Friday packet.

Key to color coding: CPC, Planning, Environmental, Finance, Charter/Elections, Housing.

December 4-8

Mon, Dec. 4 7:45 Council Chamber
Wed., Dec. 6 7p



Programs & Services

Public Facilities

Public Safety





  • 12-6-17 Programs & Services: Appointments. 7:45 Public Hearing limiting City Council to city issues; Mandating curriculum transparency for Newton Public Schools.
  • 12-6-17 Public Facilities: force sewer main on Rumford Ave.; make sidewalk snow ordinance permanent; discussion of street light repair; amendment to sewer use charge.
  • 12-6-17 Public Safety: licences; make sidewalk snow ordinance permanent; West Newton Square


  • 11-27-17 Real Property: APPROVED: Amendments to the real property ordinance.
  • 11-27-17 Finance: APPROVED: $109K for tree damage (joint with P&S); $1.5m to upgrade financial software; $2ooK for a bucket truck; $200K to renovate McGrath tennis courts; $200K for two P&R trash/recycling trucks; $5m for the roads program; acceptance of $44K for recycling; $2m to the Rainy Day fund; SUBJECT TO SECOND CALL: $20K to make changes in the  Comptroller’s office.  HELD: Abatement of a curb betterment in Auburndale;
  • 11-27-17 Zoning: APPROVED:  Zoning amendment for lodging houses; HELD: Increase inclusionary zoning units from 15% to 25% for larger projects; require that some affordable units be designated for middle income households; and to create a new formula for calculating payments in lieu of affordable units;  Request to acquire Webster Woods.
  • 11-28-17 Land Use: APPROVED: allow three units and legalize the noncompliant lot area per unit at 69-71 Cherry Street; allow a single- family attached dwelling at 336 Newtonville Avenue; and construct a multi-family structure with 20 units at 392-396, 400, and 402-404 Langley Road. Withdrawal Approved without Prejudice: request to allow non accessory parking at 156 Oak Street, 55 Tower Road, 275-281 Needham Street, 260 Needham Street, and 160 Charlemont Street. NAN: extending the area of notice for special permits, the cost of special permits, and the qualification of affordable units developed at Commonwealth Avenue, Pearl Street, and Eddy Street
  • 11-29-17 Public Safety: APPROVED:  extend the sidewalk snow clearing ordinance; HELD: West Newton Square enhancement project
  • 11-29-17 Public Facilities: APPROVED: West Newton Square enhancement project, extend the sidewalk snow clearing ordinance; appropriate $5m to the roads program. HELD: Crescent Street playground and housing.


Referred to Land Use:

  • #384-17 Class 2 Auto Dealers License VELOCITY MOTORS 14 Hawthorn Street Nonantum, MA. 02458
  • #385-17 Class 2 Auto Dealers License ENZO’S AUTO SALES 10 Hawthorn Street Nonantum, MA. 02458
  • #386-17 Class 1 Auto Dealers License #387-17 Class 2 Auto Dealers License NEWTON CENTRE SHELL 1365 Centre Street Newton Centre, MA. 02459
  • #388-17 Class 2 Auto Dealers License JR CAR CARE, INC. 454 Watertown Street Newton, MA. 02460
  • #190-12(2) Request for an Extension of Time to Exercise Special Permit #190-12 YOUNG INVESTMENTS, LLC/NEWTON COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTER request for an
    EXTENSION OF TIME in which to EXERCISE Special Permit #190-12 granted on December 2, 2013, to demolish an existing 2-story building and construct a 3-story (36.5’) multifamily structure with 13 units, an 18-stall below grade parking garage, and to waive 11 parking stalls at 429 CHERRY STREET, Ward 3, WEST NEWTON, said extension will run from September 20, 2017 to September 20, 2018.Ref: Sec 30-24, 30-23, 30-15 Table 3, 30-11(d)(8), 30-5(b) and (b)(4), 30-19(d)(1), (d)(11), 30-19(h)(3), and 30-19(m) of the City of Newton Rev Zoning Ord, 2012.
    NOTE: The special permit was appealed to Land Court, which upheld the special permit decision and there was a further appeal to the Appeals Court, which affirmed the Land Court Decision on August 29, 2016. The 20-day appeal period expired on September 20, 2016.
    Other Communications
    Mt. Ida College submitting application for approval of subdivision definitive plan MT IDA COLLEGE, 777 Dedham Street, petitioning for approval by the Planning Board
    Acting as Board of Survey of a definitive plan of land as detailed on plans entitled “Definitive Plan of Land for Proposed Carlson Avenue Extension (Private Way) City of
    Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts prepared by Bohler Engineering and Control Point Associates dated November 14, 2017.

Referred to Programs & Services Committee

  • #389-17 Re-Appointment of David A. Olson as City Clerk
    PRESIDENT LENNON AND VICE PRESIDENT LAPPIN, pursuant to Section 2-7 of the City Charter, recommending that the City Council re-appoint David A. Olson as City Clerk; said term will begin on January 1, 2018 for a term of two years or until a successor is duly qualified.

Referred to Public Safety & Transportation Committee

  • #390-17 Requesting renewal of bus license for Lasell College
    VPNE Parking Solutions, LLC, requesting renewal of one (1) bus license for Lasell College. [11/21/17 @ 11:36 AM]
  • Requesting new public auto license
    #391-17 ANDREW WANTATE, 161 North Street, Newtonville, MA 02460 requesting one (1) public auto license for Covenant Transportation, Inc. [10/12/17 @ 11:38 AM]
  • Requesting new public auto license
    #392-17 DHANRAJ MAHASE, 60 Solon Street, Newton, MA 02461 requesting one (1) public auto license for Mahase Livery Services, LLC. [11/20/17 @ 10:14 AM]
  • #393-17 Requesting renewals of public auto licenses and taxi licenses
    MICHAEL ANTONELIS, 224 Calvary Street, Waltham, MA 02453, requesting renewal of two (2) public auto licenses and forty-six (46) taxi licenses for Veterans Taxi of Newton, LLC. [10/31/17 @ 1:41 PM]
  • #394-17 Requesting renewals of taxi licenses
    GEORGE MARRY, 50 Union Street, Newton Centre, MA 02459 requesting renewal of three (3) taxi licenses for Holden’s Taxi Inc. [11/03/17 @ 12:52 PM]
  • #395-17 Requesting renewals of taxi licenses
    GEORGE MARRY, 50 Union Street, Newton Centre, MA 02459 requesting renewal of two (2) taxi licenses for Newtonville Cab Co. Inc. [11/03/17 @ 12:52 PM]
  • #396-17 Requesting renewals of taxi licenses
    GEORGE MARRY, 50 Union Street, Newton Centre, MA 02459 requesting renewal of three (3) taxi licenses for Newton Taxi Co. [11/03/17 @ 12:52 PM]

Referred to Public Facilities Committee

Public Hearing to be assigned for December 6, 2017

  • #377-17 Petition for forced main at Rumford Avenue
    DAVID WILLIAMS, SSG DEVELOPMENT petition for a 1.5” forced main 425’+ from 143 Rumford Avenue easterly to an existing sewer manhole at the intersection of Lexington Street and Rumford Avenue.

The following item was filed after the close of the docket and requires a suspension of the Rules to be referred to Committees:

Referred to Public Safety & Transportation and Public Facilities Committees

  • #397-17 Request for amendment to the ordinance requiring snow removal from sidewalks
    COUNCILOR DANBERG requesting that §26-8(D) of the City of Newton Rev. Ords., 2012 be amended to make the trial program for removal of snow and ice from sidewalks

Referred to Finance Committee

  • #398-17 Reappointment of the Comptroller
    COUNCILORS LENNON AND LAPPIN, pursuant to Section 2-7 of the City Charter, recommending that the City Council reappoint Susan Dzikowski as Comptroller; said
    Docket, December 4, 2017 term will begin on January 1, 2018 for a term of two years or until a successor is duly
  • #399-17 Accept a grant from Mass Preservation Project for East Parish Burying Ground
    HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to accept a grant in the amount of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) from the Massachusetts Preservation Project Fund to be used by Historic Newton for preservation work at the East Parish Burying Ground. NOTE: The Mayor accepted the grant in August 2015 but the request for authorization
    was not docketed.
  • #400-17 Authorization to settle a claim for $10,000
    HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to settle a claim of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) from the School Department budget as full and final settlement of a
    claim against the Newton Public Schools and the City of Newton. Note: A motion for Executive Session may be entertained when this item is discussed in Committee.


  • Draft Home Rule Petition for City Council Composition
  • Draft Council Order for Food Trucks
  • Planning memos
  • Planning update

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