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Environmental Issues Committee meeting on Thursday

The Environmental Issues Committee will meet on Thursday, November 16th at 11 am at Panera Bread in Newton Center.  If you’re interested in issues ranging from updating our water and sewer systems to gas leaks to green energy in Newton, come join us!

Docket Digest for the Week of November 13-16

A weekly summary of City Council agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN, extracted from the Friday packet.

Key to color coding: CPC, Planning, Environmental, Finance, Charter/Elections, Housing.

November 13-16

Mon, Nov. 13 7p




Zoning & Planning

School Committee



Ed Center

Tues., Nov. 14 7p Land Use 211
Wed., Nov. 15 7:45p Programs & Services CoW Chamber
Thurs., Nov. 16 7p




Real Property ReUse

Traffic Council





  • 11-13-17 Zoning:  allow food trucks; amendment inclusionary zoning units from 15% to 25% for larger projects; require that some affordable units be designated for middle income households; and to create a new formula for calculating payments in lieu of affordable units.
  • 11-14-17 Land Use: Request for an extension of time to construct four attached single-family dwellings at 5-7 Elm Street and 114 River Street; extend the nonconforming two-family use to allow three
    units and legalize the noncompliant lot area per unit at 69-71 Cherry Street; allow a single- family attached dwelling at 336 Newtonville Avenue; allow a building factor of 28.08 in conjunction to the construction of a single family home at 28 Goddard Street; and allow a change of zone to construct a multi-family structure with 20 units at 392-396, 400, and 402-404 Langley Road
  • 11-15-18 Programs & Services: Full Council discussion of Home Rule petition to downsize the Council to 8-8.
  • 11-16-17 Real Property: amendments to Chapter 2, Section 7. Sale or lease of city owned real property, of the City of Newton Revised Ordinance, 2012 (The Real Property Reuse Ordinance) to clarify how properties are classified in regards to purpose, use, and ownership; the procedure to handle reused properties; and to address any other changes that might be needed
  • 11-16-17 CPC:   PUBLIC HEARING and possible funding vote on the full proposal for the Newton Cemetery’s Whipple-Beal Cast Iron Fence ($60,000 requested); an update on the Crescent Street affordable housing and playground expansion project, with a request to submit an off-cycle full proposal for an additional $2,640,000 in CPA funds for final design and construction; and an update on the Newton Homebuyer Assistance Program, proposing to revise the program’s purpose from creating new affordable housing to preserving the affordability of units already in the program, retaining $735,000 for the new purpose and returning $845,745 in unspent funds for other CPA-eligible housing purposes.
  • 11-16-17 Traffic Council: Parking removal on Brandeis Road; Parking regulations on Summer St (Upper Falls); Parking restrictions Indiana Terrace (UF), Removal of parking during school hours Paulson Road (Zervas area); further regulation of parking on Evelyn during Zervas arrival and departure; parking restriction on Waban Ave; new crossing signals on Lagrange St; add parking meters near Boston College on Commonwealth Ave.


  • Memo from Councilor Sangiolo on Council downsizing
  • Zoning memos
  • Planning memos
  • Planning update

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