Archives for November 10, 2017

More discussion of Home Rule petition by City Council on Wednesday, November 15th

The Programs and Services Committee of the Newton City Council will hold a meeting on Wednesday, November 15th at 7:45 pm in the Council Chamber at Newton City Hall.  The committee will be discussing what recommendation to put forward (if at all) to the whole City Council on December 4th.  The docketed item is for a reduction in the size of the City Council from 24 to 16, and a new structure of 8 at-large councilors and 8 ward councilors.  Our current structure has 16 at-large councilors and 8 ward councilors.

This meeting will not include a public hearing.  If you wish to comment on this proposal, you can email the members of the committee through the committee clerk at or you can email the entire city council at

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