Docket Digest for the Week of October 9-13

A weekly summary of City Council agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN, extracted from the Friday packet.

Key to color coding: CPC, Planning, Environmental, Finance, Charter/Elections, Housing.

October 9-13

Mon, Oct. 9 Columbus Day
Tues., Oct. 10 8:15a


Financial Audit

Land Use



Wed., Oct. 11 7p






Thurs., Oct. 12 7p CPC 204


  • 10-10-17 Audit: report from the auditors
  • 10-10-17 Land Use:  22 West Street auto license; extension of time at 115 Waban Street; locate the inclusionary units off-site at 219 Commonwealth Avenue; further increase the nonconforming floor area ratio and extend the nonconforming front setback at 168 Allerton Road; amend the approved site plan at 2171 Commonwealth Avenue; and construct a four-story structure not exceeding 48 feet, allow a retaining wall of four feet, and to contain an elderly housing with services facility at 431 Washington Street
  • 10-11-17 Zoning:  appointments/re-appointments to the Economic Development and Chestnut Hill Historic District Commissions; Zoning Redesign Updates; allow food trucks on Wells Avenue. Joint Public Hearing in the Chamber with Planning & Development: Zoning amendment for the lodging house ordinance; allow cooking Facilities in lodging houses.
  • 10-11-17 Finance: Grant from AARP ($4K) to help seniors retrofit their homes; Inclusionary zoning funds ($356K) to build affordable housing near Jackson Gardens; Site clean-up public information plan ($15K) for Horace Mann School; hire one full-time DPW person to coordinate police details; $250K to decommission Stanton Ave. and Winchester street water tanks; review of long list of  items for end-of term action, including: lodging house licensing; sewer use charges; renovations to the library; funds to rainy day fund; parking meter pilots; special permit fees; curbside food waste collection pilot; wireless fees & licensing on city property; fines for violations of accessory apartment ordinance; community solar; 5-year financial forecast; notification catchment for special permits; complete street grant expenditures; pedestrian and traffic improvements; sick time and other policy discussions; state housing index; monitoring special permit compliance.
  • 10-12-17 CPC:  final reports on two affordable housing projects developed by CANDO – Taft Avenue and Cambria Road (both in West Newton) – as well as several items of committee business, including a continued discussion of possible revisions to the Community Preservation Plan.


  • Zoning memos
  • Planning memos
  • Planning update

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