Docket Digest for the Week of October 23-27

A weekly summary of City Council agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN, extracted from the Friday packet.

Key to color coding: CPC, Planning, Environmental, Finance, Charter/Elections, Housing.

October 23-27

Mon, Oct. 23 7p




Zoning & Planning

School Committee



Ed Center

Tues., Oct. 24 7p Land Use 211
Thurs., Oct. 26 7p Traffic Council 211


  • 10-23-17 Zoning:  recommendation to establish a Newton Highlands Historic District and #136-17 recommendation to establish a West Newton Historic District and there is a request by both petitioners to withdraw without prejudice. Following these two items the Committee is hosting the Fair Housing Compliance: Considerations for Land Use, Zoning, Planning Decisions: Interactive Workshop Presented by: Jennifer M. Goldson, AICP, Founder of JM Goldson Community Preservation & Planner. The workshop items include: Fair Housing and Zoning, Overview of Protected Classes, and how zoning and permitting applies.
  • 10-23-17 Finance: appointment to the Board of Assessors; Fund transfer to School budget for transportation; special fund for community cable TV; review of several itmes for No Action or referral to next term’s Council.
  • 10-24-17 Land Use: amend the site plan at 1080 Walnut Street45 Chester Street; amend the site plan at 103 Court Street; amend the site plan at 49-51 Winchester Street; allow a change of zone to construct a multi-family structure with 20 units at 392-396, 400, and 402-404 Langley Road; 14 Pond Avenue; allow auto sales at 454-458 Watertown Street; extend the nonconforming use to legalize an existing third unit at 69-71 Cherry Street; construct a three-story mixed use building incorporating nine residential units and commercial space at 386-394 Watertown Street. The Committee will also hear consistency rulings regarding the following approved special permits: remove a loading bay to allow for a new commercial tenant at 200-230 Boylston Street; and 30 Caroline Park
  • 10-26-17 Traffic:  Parking restrictions near Rowena Rd (w6); Summer (lake) parking restrictions on Laurel, Crystal, Hancock (w6); temporary parking changes on Tyler Terr. and removal of some meters on Centre while the Fire Station is constructed; extra parking on Willow St. for same; new flashing warning lights Centre at Tyler; three stop signs on Commonwealth Ave Carriage Road; No U-Turn, Derby St; parking restrictions Aspen Ave; add parking meters along Commonwealth near Boston College.


  • Zoning memos
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