November Topic Meeting: Newton’s Sustainability Director, Andy Savitz

Meet Newton Sustainability Director Andy Savitz

Thursday Nov 12, 2015
11:30-1:00 pm, NewTV Conference Room

Brown bag lunches welcome

Improving Newton’s sustainability includes things like Newton’s current Home Energy Efficiency campaign, which aims to assess another 1,000 homes for energy efficiency in the coming year, but it also includes “social and economic prosperity.”  Come meet Andy Savitz, Director of Sustainability for Newton since May of this year and discuss what a Sustainable Newton looks like and how you, and LWVN, can contribute to it.

Topic/Consensus Meeting on Thursday, October 15th, 11:30 am – 1 pm

Join LWVN members to learn about and discuss the LWVUS study on the process for amending the US Constitution.  The question that will be discussed is:  what are the shared values and beliefs within the League – what consensus do we have – regarding the circumstances that might allow or compel the League to endorse a constitutional amendment or an Article V Convention?

This topic meeting will be at NewTV in the conference room.  Feel free to bring your lunch to enjoy along with the discussion.

More information to prepare for the meeting can be found here:

October Topic Meeting: Amending the US Constitution

LWVN October Topic/Consensus Meeting:
The Process for Amending the US Constitution

The LWV US Constitutional Amendment Study

Thursday Oct 15, 2015
11:30-1pm, NewTV Conference Room

Brown bag lunches welcome
Did you know that there are two different ways the US constitution can be amended — by congressional proposal or by convening a convention — and that a convention has never been used successfully?LWV US is conducting a study about the process of amending the U.S. constitution, and has asked local leagues across the country to learn about the topic and answer a series of questions. National’s study guide summarizes the study this way:

The question for us today is: what are the shared values and beliefs within the League – what consensus do we have – regarding the circumstances that might allow or compel the League to endorse a constitutional amendment or an Article V Convention?

Please join the LWV Newton to discuss the topic and contribute to Newton’s answers to the consensus question from LWV US.  We ask that you please review the study guide and the questions (below) to help us conduct the most effective meeting!


Many Hands Make Light Work: LWVN Volunteers Needed

Several committees are looking for volunteers to help with events happening in the fall and throughout the year.  If you are interested in what they do, contact us at to find out ways to help.  We can find the right job for you!

  • The Topic Meeting Committee is gearing up for its first meeting very shortly and is looking for volunteers to help organize and run the events.
  • The LWVN CPC (Community Preservation Committee) is looking for volunteers to read and evaluate the CPC applications and prepare a statement on behalf of LWVN to the city committee.
  • The Voters Service Committee is looking for volunteers to help at upcoming Candidates’ Forums and Open Houses.

Save the Date: June 10th Topic Meeting on Constructive Disagreement

Please join us for our next Topic Meeting:

Constructive Disagreement:  How to better manage public conflict
Wed, June 10, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
NewTV, 23 Needham St., Newton

Brown-bag lunches welcome

All across Massachusetts, municipal officials, volunteers, and neighborhood organizations are on the frontline working to solve complex problems related to budgets, education, land use, the environment, economic development, public works, public safety, public health, and more. It requires the active participation of multiple parties and stakeholders to achieve comprehensive solutions to problems and to ensure that the solutions are consistent with a community’s stated visions and goals.

In addressing these complex problems, it is often necessary to confront and tackle serious public conflicts. Those conflicts can be sensitive, are often contentious, and sometimes persist over a long period of time, restricting the ability to move forward or leading to impasses. In order to better manage public conflict, it may be crucial for municipalities to engage officials at all levels of government, including state and federal officials, along with individual citizens, and the entire gamut of local groups and organizations, in needs assessment studies, in-depth public discussions and conflict resolution workshops.

The Massachusetts League of Women Voters and the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration have both been working hard to actively intervene in such conflicts and also provide training in best practices to restore healthy civic discourse. Our speakers this month will be:

  • Madhawa (“Mads”) Palihapitiya – Associate Director of the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration
  • Marilyn Peterson – Co-President, League of Women Voters of Massachusetts

Each speaker will speak for 15 minutes on work that other communities have done and the results achieved to date. This will be followed by open discussion among all attendees.

League members are also encouraged to read the MOPC report “Legislative study: Massachusetts municipal conflict resolution needs assessment”, which may be found at

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