Can’t Miss TV! The League Presents: 2 discussions about the proposed new charter

The second episode of The League Presents was taped last week, and continues the discussion about the proposed new charter, this time with charter commissioners Anne Larner and Chris Steele. The first episode featured charter commissioners Rhanna Kidwell and Brooke Lipsitt. Both episodes were hosted by Sue Flicop, current president of the LWVN, and Anne Borg, past president.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Is your lawn looking empty? Sign up for a lawn sign from Yes for a New Charter!

The Yes Campaign needs all kinds of help, including

  • yard sign locations
  • people to host coffees
  • canvassers
  • people to distribute a campaign flier to homes (this doesn’t require talking to anyone, just walking) 
  • Election Day sign holders
  • people to make phone calls in early November
  • donations

You can sign up by emailing  or on the Yes website:

UPDATE: Wednesday City Council Hearing on Home Rule Petition is Postponed

This report is courtesy of the Yes for a New Charter campaign:

BREAKING NEWS! After some unexpected twists & turns, Monday night’s council debate on the matter of referring the Home Rule petition to Programs & Services yielded the following CHANGE in status: The item has been referred to committee but will not be taken up in any way (no discussion, no hearing, no vote) until the first P&S meeting after the election, on Nov. 8.

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