May 5th event: Transportation and How to Fix It

Transportation and How to Fix It

Fri. May 5, 8-9:30 a.m.

Wells Park theater, 85 Wells Ave, Newton

Free but please register at

Join Newton Mayor Setti Warren and the Newton Planning Department to learn about the recently launched Newton transportation strategy, Newton-in-Motion.  Transportation is fundamental to the quality of life and economic vitality in our region. This new transportation strategy embraces the gamut of multi-modal transportation choices — walking, biking, driving, and mass transit — and it’s going to  require  a region-wide,. public-private partnership to succeed.  Even if you are not from Newton, please join us for this important conversation.


April 24th: Green Newton event–“Continuing the Course of Greening Our Community and the World”

Join Green Newton on Monday, April 24, at 7pm in the Drucker Auditorium of the Newton Free Library (330 Homer St., Newton) for the next in GN’s Greening Our Community series, ‘Continuing the Course of Greening Our Community and the World’.

Ann Berwick, Newton’s Co-director of Sustainability, will speak on available opportunities for taking action during a time when Trump Administration policies are reversing the environmental  progress that has been made over the last 50 years.  The focus will be on what individuals can do. Some of the things that will be discussed as part of this mission include:

  • Take action to make your home more energy efficient, drive less and drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, install clean electric heat pumps, compost your waste.
  • Join local environmental organizations like Green Newton.
  • Donate to national environmental organizations.
  • Stay informed on pending state legislation and municipal action, and call your legislators in support of climate protections.
  • Show up at demonstrations, support progressive candidates and truth-telling media outlets by subscribing and donating. Your involvement can make a difference!

Ann Berwick served as Chair of the Department of Public Utilities under Governor Deval Patrick, President of the New England States Committee on Electricity, Commonwealth’s Undersecretary for Energy, and Chief of the Environmental Protection Division in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.

This event is sponsored by Green Newton. 

April 27th: Don’t Just Stand There…Run!

Don’t Just Stand There….Run!:  Thursday, April 27th, from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at the Brigham House, Hartford Street in Newton Highlands.  This event is for people who are considering running for local office as well as those who are helping them.  We will have the following three speakers to address issues like filing official paperwork, working with the media, and understanding the demands of public office:

  • David Olson, Newton City Clerk
  • Greg Reibman, President of the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber and
  • Marcia Johnson, former Ward 2 City Councilor At Large

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