LWVN volunteers registers 88 students to vote in Newton

Congratulations to the LWVN Voter Registration Team who registered 40 students at Newton South High School and 48 students at Newton North High School!  Students at both schools helped  LWVN members Sharyn Roberts (Team Leader), Bonnie Carter, Margie Ross Decter, Kathleen Hobson, and Terry Yoffie.  If you would like to help register voters at the upcoming Farmer’s Markets and/or the Harvest Fair, please contact info@lwvnewton.org.

Thanks for our volunteers for the most recent forums!

On Monday night,  candidates for Mayor, for Ward 2 Councilor At-Large, and for Ward 3 School Committee participated in LWVN/NewTV Candidates’ Forums.  Many thanks to the candidates for their time and commitment to this election!

We also want to thank NewTV for once again partnering with us and running everything so smoothly.  Special thanks to co-moderators Marcia Hirshberg (of LWV of Westwood, Walpole and Dedham) and Jenn Adams (of NewTV) and our own LWVN volunteers:  Pat Acton, Barbara Balasa, Bonnie Carter, Lucia Dolan, Lois Levin, Maureen Reilly Meagher, Sharyn Roberts and Tami Roberts.

Here are some photos from Monday night, all courtesy of Tami Roberts.   [Read more…]

Candidates’ Forums are now available!

Use the links below to watch the first three LWVN/NewTV Candidates’ Forums!  The forums for Mayor, Ward 2 Councilor At-Large and Ward 3 School Committee will be available online at NewTV.org on October 16th, with the remaining forums available the following week.

Decision 2017: Councilor At Large Ward One:  https://vimeo.com/235962367

Decision 2017: School Committee Ward One:  https://vimeo.com/235961539

 Decision 2017: Councilor At Large Ward Three:  https://vimeo.com/235999446

Questions Needed: Upcoming forums for Mayor, City Council and School Committee

Send us questions YOU would like to ask candidates for Mayor, Ward 2 At-Large City Council and Ward 3 School Committee.  We can’t guarantee they will be used verbatim, but we will try to address as many topics and questions as possible.  We especially appreciate questions that are direct and about 1-2 sentences long–these tend to mean more direct and focused answers.  Please send them to info@lwvnewton.org.

We are taping these forums on Monday, October 2, starting at 5 pm.  Please feel free to join us at NewTV Studios and watch a live feed in the NewTV conference room–light refreshments will be served.

Three Candidates’ Forums completed…eight to go!

Last night, LWVN and NewTV taped three Candidates’ Forums–for Ward 1 At-Large City Council, for Ward 1 School Committee, and for Ward 3 At-Large City Council (photos by Tami Roberts below).  They will be broadcast on NewTV and be available on NewTV.org shortly after being broadcast.

Many thanks to the candidates for jumping into the race and participating!  We also want to thank NewTV for being an amazing partner.  Special thanks to co-moderators Shelia Martin (of LWV of Boston) and Jenn Adams (of NewTV) and our own LWVN volunteers:  Pat Acton, Alicia Bowman, Bonnie Carter, Linda Green, Sharyn Roberts and Tami Roberts.

Co-moderators Jenn Adams (left) and Shelia Martin [photo by Tami Roberts]


Ward 1 At-Large City CouncilCandidates (from left to right):

Janet Sterman, Nicole Castillo, and Alison Leary  [photo by Tami Roberts]


Ward 1 School Committee Candidates (from left to right):

Kathy Marchi and Bridget Ray-Canada [photo by Tami Roberts]


Ward 3 At-Large City Council Candidates (from left to right):

Julia Malakie, Andrea Kelley, and Jim Cote [photo by Tami Roberts]

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