Docket Digest for the Week of October 17-21

A weekly summary of Board of Aldermen agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN.

Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

Extracted from the full Aldermanic calendar.

Key to color coding: CPC, Planning, Environmental, Finance, Charter/Elections, Housing.

October 17-21

Monday, Oct. 17 7p


Orr Block Traffic Simulation

City Council-Capital Improvement Plan



Tuesday, Oct. 18 6:30 Election Commission 211
Wed,, Oct. 19 7p





Forum on High School Start time

Charter Commission

Public Facilities-Cabot School

Public Safety

Programs & Services






Thursday, Oct. 6 7p


Traffic Council

Solid Waste




Referred to Land Use Committee

Public hearing to be assigned for November 15, 2016

  • #337-16 Special Permit Petition to construct accessory apartment and garage at 41 Dorset Rd, Ward 5, Waban,
  • #339-16 Special Permit Petition to further extend nonconforming structure, constructing a rear addition to the basement, first floor and second floor at 44 Oakmont Road, Ward 6, Newton Centre
  • #340-16 Special Permit Petition to increase nonconforming front setback, enclosing the front porch and extending a bathroom on the second floor, adding a new roofline and further extending the front setback, at 15 Cottage Court, Ward 1, Newton,
  • #341-16 Special Permit Petition to extend nonconforming use, adding a third unit to the rear of the existing two-family dwelling, maintaining driveways on either side of the house for parking, at 220-222 California Street, Ward 1,

Public hearing to be assigned for December 6, 2016

  • #342-16 Special Permit Petition to allow self-storage and retail space–construct a three-story, 79,746 square foot selfstorage facility with a height of 36 feet, waiver of 32 parking stalls and waivers of other parking requirements at 143 Rumford Avenue (211R Lexington Street), Ward 4, Auburndale,

Referred to Zoning & Planning Committee

Public hearing to be assigned for November 14, 2016:

  • #343-16 Zoning amendment relative to accessory apartments –Number of Parking Stalls in order to create a new accessory apartment ordinance that expands the availability of accessory apartments.

Referred to Programs & Services Committee and Public Facilities Committees

  • #344-16 Discussion regarding oversight of all city/school buildings to improve efficiencies COUNCILOR LAPPIN requesting a discussion regarding the Public Buildings Department overseeing all public buildings, including School Department facilities, to improve efficiencies.

Referred to the Public Safety & Transportation Committee

  • #345-16 Requesting a review, amendment of elimination of the Winter Overnight Parking Ban
  • #346-16 Requesting a yearly review or amendment to the Taxi Gasoline Surcharge
  • #347-16 Requesting the elimination of one yearly inspection requirements for Vehicles for Hire–eliminate the March and October inspection requirement and have only one yearly inspection in April,
  • #348-16 Requesting an amendment to change the license expiration date on Vehicles for Hire to January 31 in each year
  • #349-16 Requesting changes to Committee and recommendation dates for Vehicles for Hire from December to January of each year

Referred to Public Facilities Committee

Public hearing to be assigned for October 19, 2016

  • #350-16 Eversource petition for grant of location at Crafts Street
  • #351-16 National Grid petition for grant of location in Austin Street

Referred to Finance Committee

  • #352-16 Expend a $33,500 grant from the Recycling Dividends Program for waste and recycling education and outreach.
  • #353-16 Review/Acceptance of the FY 2018 – FY 2022 5-year Financial Forecast for City Council review/acceptance.
  • #354-16 Authorization to settle a $12,955.88 claim by Frasier Engineering Services from the Law Department’s Judgement and Settlements Account as settlement of a claim.
  • #355-16 Appropriate $261,366.07 from FY 16 bond sale premiums to reduce future Angier debt

Referred to Public Safety & Transportation and Finance Committees

  • #356-16 Appropriate $135,000 for upgrades to the Police Department’s  three-lane indoor firearms range.

Referred to Public Facilities and Finance Committees

  • #357-16 Reallocate $250,467.24 for decommissioning the Stanton Avenue and Winchester Street elevated storage tanks.

Referred to Public Facilities and Finance Committees

  • #358-16 Appropriate $46,590,000 for the renovation of and addition to the Cabot School

Referred to Finance and Appropriate Committees

  • #359-16 Submittal of the FY 2018 to FY 2021 Capital Improvement Plan

Referred to Real Property Reuse Committee

  • #360-16 Reuse of the Stanton Avenue water tower site

Referred to Public Facilities and Public Safety

  • #338-16 Extend the trial program for snow and ice removal from sidewalks from November 1, 2016 to November 1, 2017.


  • 10-5-16 Public Facilities: HELD: Sidewalk snow; APPROVED: grants of location; city boundaries
  • 10-5-16 Public Safety: HELD: Sidewalk snow; APPROVED: angle parking; age limit for police details
  • 10-6-16 Land Use: HELD: Orr Block/Washington Place
  • 10-13-16 Land Use: APPROVED: 136 Eastbourne Rd–consistency ruling; 17-19 Pulsifer (w2)–add sunroom, external stairs, a rear garage, replace porch & add parking; 57 Adams Ave–allow subdivision; 25 Stiles (w7) detached garage; 35 Lenox (w3) add 2 car garage to basement; Finagle a Bagel, Auburndale–allow more seating; 79 Kenwood (w6), raze garage, replace with larger garage; 20 Morton (w2), raze garage to add garage & home additon; HELD: 112-14 Carlisle (w 6)–raze current 2 family, build new 2 family, widen driveway entrance and put parking & garage in front; APPROVED WITHDRAWAL: 41 Woodlawn (w7), addition to basement & first floor without a retaining wall.
  • 10-13-16 Zoning: HELD: garage (snout house) ordinances.


  • 10-19-16 Public Facilities: Cabot site plan; Cabot renovation & expansion funding; grants of location; snow ordinance with fines; extend trial snow ordinance; removing elevated storage tanks
  • 10-19-16 Public Safety: firing range; Bike lanes on Walnut north of Commonwealth; trial snow ordinance; snow ordinance with fines
  • 10-19-16 Programs & Services: library trustee appointment; noise ordinance for lawn equipment; add yard waste to littering law; embracing free speech; modulars for Brown and South
  • 10-20-16 Traffic Council: lengthening time restriction for parking in front of the Police Annex (Chestnut St.); Stop sign Gardiner at School (W1); Do Not Enter sign at Crafts and Lincoln (w1);  removal of “Right on Red After Stop” sign at the traffic light on Washington Street and Charlesbank Road/Saint James Street heading westbound as you enter the Newton Corner rotary; “No Turn on Red” sign at the intersection of Tremont and Park Streets (w1); Changes to Waban Village Parking Plan–adding Southwick Rd, Waban Ave to Nehoiden, and top part of Anawan.


News, Notes--includes:

  • Full Board Meeting / A-78 (Garage) Ordinance – At our next full Council meeting on Monday, October 17th, we will be joined by the Mayor after first call for his presentation of the next five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Additionally, on Thursday, October 13th, the Zoning and Planning Committee voted 4-1- 2-1 to approve docket item #222-13(4) as amended which effectively delayed implementation of ordinance A-78 (garage door ordinance) until December 31, 2016. The Planning & Development Board also unanimously voted in favor of deferral until December 16, 2016. The other docket items relative to amendments (items #222-13(4) and (5)) to the garage ordinance were held. The main reason for delaying implementation is to assist those who are caught in various stages of ‘limbo’ with their projects. Any procedural motion on this item Monday evening will almost insure further negative impacts on residents we are attempting to assist. If you are contemplating a procedural motion on Monday evening, or cannot attend Monday’s Council meeting, please reach out to me in advance so we can discuss ahead of the meeting. Thank you.
  • An Invitation from the School Committee and Department: Forum on Later High School Start Times – All Councilors are invited to attend. Please join us for a discussion of later high school start times in the Newton Public Schools. A community forum will be held on Wednesday, October 19th at 7:00p.m. at Angier Elementary School. At the forum, the district will:
    • Review sleep research;
    • Provide analysis of survey data collected from Newton students, teachers, and families;
    • Present potential start time change scenarios developed from the June 2016 year end report

This is your opportunity to learn more and to provide feedback on the impact of a later high school start time in NPS. If you cannot attend the forum, please send your thoughts to: Please visit the district website for more information:

  • Capital and Communication Discussion with the School Committee and Department – All Councilors are invited to attend. We are currently working with the SC/SD to determine a date to hold this joint discussion. Once we have the new date we will send out notification. If you have suggestions regarding the agenda below, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    • Enrollment Update, both S/T and L/T – This helps set the table for the conversation on facilities, as enrollment issues are one of the 2 key drivers of our facilities plan;
    • Short-Term Facilities Needs – This will address any short-term issues, such as modulars or other “small” projects that may be needed. We may also touch on the Student Assignment working group and key priorities (for example, the north side in general and Franklin specifically);
    • Update of Long-Term Facilities Plan – We will update our plan from last Fall, and it will tie to both enrollment issues and quality-of-facilities issues. We may also touch on the work of the Student Assignment Working Group;
    • Communication – We have discussed communication between the SC/SD, the administration and the Council in the past. However, in light of recent issues, the need for early and widespread communications and an understanding of the processes and timing necessary for project approval/completion requires revisiting current procedures.

Land Use Memos

Cabot School memo

Garage Ordinances memo

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