Docket Digest for the Week of Dec. 15-19

A weekly summary of Board of Aldermen agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN.

Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

Extracted from the full Aldermanic calendar.

Key to color coding: CPC, Planning, Environmental, Finance, Charter/Elections, Housing.

Dec. 15-19

Monday, 15 10a TAG 211 (222)
6 School Committee Ed Center
6:30 Accessory Apartment 205
7:45 Board of Aldermen Chamber
Tuesday, 16 8:15a Financial Audit 211 (222)
Wednesday, 17 Chanukah


  • 11-19-14 Accessory Apartments: changes to the ordinance
  • 12-2-14 Land Use: APPROVED: 114 River Street change the zoning from Business 1 to Multi-Residence 2;  5-7 Elm Street and 114 River Street construct four attached dwellings in two structures and a waiver from the driveway setback requirement
  • 12-3-14 Public Safety: APPROVED: changes to resident parking permit rules;
  • 12-3-14 Public Facilities: APPROVED: second water meters; HVAC for the Senior Center; water heater for Day; Fire Station 1 generator; HELD: Storm water fee changes; Angier update; Carr funds;  Zervas modulars to Newton South; NAN: historic house preservation at Zervas; Washington St. study by CTPS; food trucks
  • 12-3-14 Programs & Services: APPROVED: Alder(wo)man/Councilor; HELD: Senior center programming; NAN: update from the Health Care Advisory Committee
  • 12-8-14 Zoning: APPROVED: changing the date for validation of an existing accessory apartment to December 31, 1999; HELD: Updates on Zoning Reform, NAN: how to optimize the historic district commission staff & oversight, food trucks.
  • 12-8-14 Finance: APPROVED: temporary hire of one purchasing employee; $43K for modular classrooms; $150K for HVAC improvements at the Sr. Center; $150K for a water heater replacement at Day MS; $127K for a generator at fire station 1; allowing second water meters
  • 12-9-14 Land Use: APPROVED: 29 Wedgewood Rd. allow an addition to a nonconforming structure; Public Hearing continued: 9 Chandler Street allow a four‐unit multi‐family dwelling with 10 below grade parking stalls and associated parking waivers; 143 Lincoln Street reconstruct and extend a nonconforming two‐family structure; (ADDITIONAL NOTE: The committee was informed that a petition for a special permit to preserve the theater use, add a street-level restaurant with office space above, and construct a separate 26-unit multi-family structure with a below grade parking garage for 30 cars at 283 Melrose Street, formerly the Turtle Lane Playhouse, was filed for the December 15 docket. The Planning Department requested and the committee authorized that if necessary an outside consultant be engaged per §6 of Article X of the Rules & Orders of the Board of Aldermen for a peer review of parking and traffic associated with the proposed project.)



Public Hearings to be assigned for January 13, 2015:

  • #472-14 BNTT, INC./CID REALTY, LLC petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to EXTEND A NONCONFORMING USE to expand the sale of food, extend self-service gas sales, modify signage, waive the dimensional
    requirements for maneuvering aisles and maximum driveway width, and to waive landscaping, screening and lighting requirements at 979 WATERTOWN STREET, Ward 3, West Newton,
  • 473-14 TIMOTHY BURKE for ROGER & AFARIN GREIGER petition for SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to demolish a one-story portion of an existing two-family dwelling consisting of a two-car garage and to construct a three-car garage and living space with an accessory apartment exceeding 1,000 sf above it at 100 EVELYN ROAD, Ward 5, Waban,
  • #474-14 THE MALL AT CHESTNUT HILL, LLC petition to AMEND special permit #307-12(2) in order to renovate the mall’s exterior façade to incorporate newly expanded vestibules at the north and south entrances, enhancing ADA accessibility, and to add six additional secondary signs not exceeding 250 square feet each at 199 BOYLSTON STREET, Ward 7, Chestnut Hill,
  • #475-14 THOMAS ENSELEK/S&H NEWTON REALTY petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to EXTEND A NONCONFORMING USE to allow 17 indoor seats and ten outdoors seats for a total of 27 seats for an existing yogurt shop that currently operates as a retail use with no seating and to waive four parking stalls at 665 WATERTOWN STREET, Ward 2, Newtonville,
  • #476-14 JOHNNY’S LUNCHONETTE/KRASNER METRO BOSTON ASSOC. LP & HKS PROPERTIES petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to extend a NONCONFORMING USE to expand the number of seats in an existing restaurant from 88 to 96 and to waive three parking stalls at 30 LANGLEY ROAD, Ward 6, Newton Centre
  • #477-14 JANNA & RONALD CURTIS petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to EXTEND A NONCONFORMING STRUCTURE to construct an addition containing approximately 1,142 sf at the rear of an existing single-family dwelling (571 sf of basement space to be used as a garage and 571 sf on the first floor for an expanded kitchen and family room), at 15 LARCHMONT AVENUE, Ward 5, Waban,
  • #478-14 JAMES B. CORSI/CORSI REALTY LLC petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to EXTEND A NONCONFORMING STRUCTURE in order to remodel and construct a two-story addition to the rear of a single-family dwelling and a single-story attached garage and foyer, at 1004 CENTRE STREET, Ward 7, Newton Centre,
  • #479-14 DANIEL & BRENDA KOSTYK petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to extend an existing 18-foot dormer by an additional 11.5 feet, which will create a dormer wider than 50% of the length of the exterior wall of the story next below, at 29 KEWADIN ROAD, Ward 5, Waban,

Public Hearings to be assigned – date to be determined:

  • #480-14 STEPHEN VONA petition to rezone 283 MELROSE STREET from MULTI RESIDENCE 1 to a MIXED USE 4 DISTRICT to restore and expand an existing structure known as the Turtle Lane Playhouse to provide a mix of uses including preserving the theater use, adding a street level restaurant with office space above, and constructing a separate 26-unit multi-family structure with a below grade parking garage for 30 cars at 283 MELROSE STREET, Ward 4, Auburndale,

Public Hearing to be assigned for December 22, 2014:

  • #316-12(4) CLERK OF THE BOARD proposing that Sec. 30-19(d)(13) of Chapter 19 PARKING AND LOADING FACILITIES be deleted and amended by reinstating the following requirements: “One stall for each three (3) seats, permanent or otherwise, excluding any additional outdoor sidewalk seats permitted under section 26-30 of these ordinances, for patron use of restaurants and other places Serving food or beverages and of theaters, halls, clubs, auditoriums and other places of amusement or assembly and one stall for each three (3) employees to be employed or anticipated to be employed on the largest shift. Places of assembly
    or amusement shall also provide one parking stall for each forty-five (45) square feet of gross floor area used for meeting function purposes when such space is customarily used concurrently with the seating space. In the case of such uses in conjunction with a hotel or motor hotel and in the same or an abutting building, the parking stall requirements with respect to patron use of restaurants and other places serving food or beverages shall be one-half (1/2) and with respect to patron use of theaters, halls, clubs, auditoriums and other places of amusement or assembly shall be one-fourth (1/4) of the preceding requirements. “
  • #482-14 HISTORIC NEW ENGLAND requesting acceptance by the City of a preservation restriction on property located at 7 Norman Road, Newton Highlands


  • #483-14 PROGRAMS & SERVICES COMMITTEE proposing a RESOLUTION to promote a cooperative program with food establishments in the City, the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Commission, the
    Director of Economic Development and members of the Board of Aldermen, to find opportunities for these establishments to provide their food services for events in the City.
  • #213-14(A)(2)BOSTON COACH TRANSPORTATION, requesting an amendment to board order #213-14(A) of the Boston College Shuttle Bus License, which includes a request and approval to provide shuttle bus service to The Street, Chestnut Hill Mall and Chestnut Hill Square.


  • 12-15-14 School  Committee: includes: English Language Learners Update; Discussion: Start Time; Diversity Hiring Report; Finger Printing Policy; Facilities Update; Discussion & Vote: School Committee Goals


  • Outdoor water meter information
  • ZBA: #481-14 ZBA #7-14 SEB COURT STREET, LLC petitioner for a Comprehensive Permit to construct 36 residential condominiums in a single multi-family building at 75- 83 Court Street, Newtonville. APPROVED
    #481-14(2) ROBERT & CAROLE KAVANAGH, 69 Court Street, filing on December 8, 2014 an appeal from ZBA decision #7-14, a Comprehensive Permit for 36 residential units at 75-83 Court Street.
  • Planning memos and special permits
  • 12-22-14 hearing notice on changes in the parking requirements
  • school facilities update
  • School Committee goals draft
  • Schools fingerprinting policy

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