Docket Digest for the Week of April 21-25

A weekly summary of Board of Aldermen agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN.

Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

Extracted from the full Aldermanic calendar.

Key to color coding: CPC, Planning, Environmental, Finance, Charter/Elections, Housing.

April 21-25

Monday, 21


Patriot’s Day


Tuesday, 22


Board of Aldermen–Mayor’s budget presentation


Wednesday, 23


Public Facilities


Thursday, 24


Zoning–Inspectional, CPA, Planning



  • 3-8-14 Land Use: APPROVED: new restaurant on Union St., Newton Centre, waive required parking spots; freestanding sign for Baza market, off Needham St; three-story (basement, first & second) addition to a home at 63 Kenwood, Newton Centre;  
  • 4-9-14 Public Safety: HELD: presentation on police department review; NAN: using MassWorks funds to pay for one signal at Winchester St. and one of the Route 9 off-ramps; $75K for a van purchase; discussion of all the city traffic signals and their upgrades (full report here)
  • 4-9-14 Public Facilities: NAN: signal at Winchester St; APPROVED: CPA funds for plans to rehabilitate the Newton Highlands Playground (at Winchester/Dedham st.s); 
  • 4-9-14 Programs & Services: APPROVED: Amendments to the  Tree Preservation Ordinance; regulations on e-cigarettes; CPA funds for Newton Highlands Playground; 
  • 4-10-14 Zoning: HELD: increasing fees for Inspectional Services; proposal to reduce the minimum size of an accessory apartment;  NAN: rescind all actions to date on Austin St. parking lot
  • 4-16-14 Finance: APPROVED: $65K for technology capital purchases; $75K for a van; $10K for a scarifier for Parks & Recreation; $200K from CPA to fund the Newton Highlands Playground design; appointment of an HR director for the City; $5K for an appraisal of the former P&R building on Crescent St.; and another $5K appraisal for the reservoir on Manet Road.


May 13 Public Hearings: 

  • #141-13(3) NIKZUN GORDON petition for SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to construct a retaining wall greater than four feet in front of an existing garage which will lower the grade of an existing driveway to create a flatter surface and to locate two parking stalls in the front setback created by the proposed wall at 74 NEWTONVILLE AVENUE, Newton, Ward 1

  • #128-14 GEORGE M. & WALIA K. DUNGAN petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to construct a one-story addition to the rear of an existing two-family home, which will increase the nonconforming Floor Area Ratio from .56 to .62, where .48 is the maximum allowed by right, at 50-52 NOBLE STREET, Ward 3, West Newton

  • #129-14 MICHAEL & MARTHA GANGEMI petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to replace an existing detached garage with a new detached garage at the rear of an existing single-family home, which will increase the nonconforming Floor Area Ratio from .34 to .37, where .29 is the maximum allowed by right, at 96 LENOX STREET, Ward 2, West Newton

  • #130-14 RUSSELL & TRACY RICHMOND petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to (1) enclose a portion of an existing front porch to create a larger entry and (2) to add a one-story cantilevered bay containing approximately 19 sq. ft. to the kitchen, which will increase the nonconforming Floor Area Ratio from .43 to .44, where .37 is the maximum allowed by right, at 36 BILLINGS PARK, Ward 1, Newton

  • #131-14 ARTISAN CHILDCARE CENTER petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL for a freestanding sign at 2330 WASHINGTON STREET, Ward 4, Newton Lower Falls

  • #132-14 STONE GALLERYLLC/CLINE REALTY LIMITED petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to allow retail use and associated outdoor display of goods with various waivers from parking requirements including minimum aisle, entrance, exit, widths, parking in front setback, landscape screening, lighting, bicycle parking, exclusive use of two parking spaces, etc. at 49-51 WINCHESTER STREET, Ward 5, Newton Highlands

  •  #134-14 KELLY CHRONOS, NOTTINGHAM REALTY TRUST application to legalize a pre-existing accessory apartment at 5-7 Nottingham Street, Newton Centre, pursuant to §30-8(d)(4) and 30-22 Review of Accessory Apartment Petitions (RAAP) of the City of Newton Rev Zoning Ord, 2012.

  • #135-14 EMILY COSTELLO of the NEWTON TAB filed with the Office of the Attorney General on April 10, 2014 an Open Meeting Law Complaint re the Mayor’s practice of holding private briefings with small groups of Aldermen in advance of the formal presentation of the City’s annual budget.
  • 47-14(2) SARAH QUIGLEY et al. petition to re-zone city-owned land located at 28 Austin Street, Ward 2, identified as Section 24, Block 9, Lot 15 from Mixed Use 4 district to either Public Use District or Business Use 1 District
  • #139-14 ALD. ALBRIGHT requesting to amend Chapter 30, City of Newton Zoning Ordinances, to clarify rules relative to retaining walls.
  • #140-14 ALD. CROSSLEY AND HESS-MAHAN requesting to amend Chapter 30, City of Newton Zoning Ordinances, to include a “lodging house” ordinance to promulgate rules requiring annual fire, safety and health inspections and licensing of buildings providing single room occupancy and/or congregate living arrangements
  • #28-14(2) EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES COMMITTEE (EMS), requesting a RESOLUTION in support of the proposed process to change eleven (11) duplicate street names.
  • #302-13(2) PUBLIC SAFETY & TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE, requesting the Chief of Police provide periodic updates to the Committee on the departmental review, completed in July 2013.
  • #146-14 NEWTON ELECTION COMMISSION requesting the Board of Aldermen approve a change of polling location for Ward 5, Precincts 3 and 4, from the Zervas School to the Waban Branch Library contingent upon the completed installation of a handicap ramp, paved parking area, door opener, and adequate exterior lighting by August 1, 2014
  • #147-14 NEWTON ELECTION COMMISSION recommending that, due to a death, a Special Municipal Election for Ward Alderman, Ward 3, be held on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 in conjunction with the State Primary Elections to be held on that date
  • #148-14 SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEMBER STEVEN SIEGEL requesting Board of Aldermen approval of a Financial Interest Disclosure Exemption pursuant to G.L. chapter 268A, Section 20(b) in order to provide the City of Newton structural engineering consulting services as part of a sub-contract between Siegel Associate, Inc., a firm wholly owned by Mr. Siegel, and Schwartz/Silver Architects for the design of Fire Station #3 and the Fire Headquarters Building
  • #149-14 HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to transfer the sum of seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500) within the Sewer Enterprise Fund from Line Item 27A10498, Account No. 5790 into Line Item 27A10781, Account No. 56301 to provide a sufficient appropriation to cover the payment of assessments from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority through the end of the current fiscal year
  • #150-14 HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to expend up to three hundred forty-eight thousand nine hundred nineteen dollars ($348,919) from a one-time contract received from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Winter Rapid Recovery Program for the purpose repairing roadway damage as a result of the severe winter of 2013-2014.
  •  #287-11(5) HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to transfer the sum of five thousand dollars ($5,000) from Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Reserve to the Planning & Development Department for the purpose of funding an appraisal of the former Health and Human Service Building at 1294 Centre Street.

  • #151-14 HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to transfer the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) from Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Reserve to Veterans’ Benefits Account to supplement that account.
  • #403-13(2) HIS HONOR THE MAYOR submitting in accordance with Section 5-1 of the City of Newton Charter the FY15 Municipal/School Operating Budget totaling $344,982,066 passage of which shall be concurrent with the FY15-FY19 Capital Improvement Program (#403-13).EFFECTIVE DATE OF SUBMISSION 04/22/14; LAST DATE TO PASS THE BUDGET 06/06/14
  • #403-13(3) HIS HONOR THE MAYOR submitting recommended FY2015 Water and Sewer Rates for implementation on July 1, 2014, as follows:

    HCF Per Quarter Water Rate per HCF OLD Water Rate per HCF NEW Sewer Rate per HCF OLD Sewer Rate per HCF NEW
    0-20 $5.84 $6.07 $8.60 $8.94
    21-70 $7.00 $7.27 $10.33 $10.73
    >70 $8.41 $8.74 $12.40 $12.88







  • 4-23-14 Public Facilities: Sewer extension on Forest Ave., signs on traffic islands; dispute with NSTAR over ownership of street lights; 
  • 4-24-14 Zoning: budget


  • Documents for Austin Street Parking Lot, including Planning Memo and a compilation of all emails pro & con received to date.
  • To and From School: The Safe Routes to School Task Force is collecting data on how children get to and from school and why these choices are made. Your input is critical to help the City to form policies and transportation options in the coming years as well as address current issues. The survey will take less than 5 minutes for each school you are responding about. Please go to: to complete the survey. Contact
  • FY15 Budget Memo
  • Traffic Council Report, which includes a parking plan for Auburndale

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