Docket Digest for the Week of Sept. 15-19

A weekly summary of Board of Aldermen agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN.

Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

Extracted from the full Aldermanic calendar.

Key to color coding: CPC, Planning, Environmental, Finance, Charter/Elections, Housing.

Sept. 15-19

Monday, 15 6:30p




Bicycle UpdateAccessory Apt. Subcomm

School Comm

Board of Aldermen

War Memorial202

Ed Center


Tuesday, 15 7p Land Use Chamber
Wednesday, 17 7p



Public Facilities

Public Safety

Programs & Services




Thursday, 18 7p Traffic Council 222

Committee of the Whole:

Consideration of $2.7 m purchase of 2 properties along Beacon St. adjacent to Zervas. Backup documents.


9-8-14 Zoning: Reappointments; HELD: discussion of seat requirement enforcement in restaurants; Planning document explaining 40B process; parking requirements for colleges; update on Zoning Reform

9-4-14 Zoning: HELD: Housing Moratorium;

9-8-14 Finance: APPROVED: CPC budget; $335k for repairs to the police annex; $1.6m for sewer upkeep,project area 2;

9-3-14 Public Safety:  APPROVED: allowing retired police officers to perform details; HELD: overnight parking pilot for Ward 1; APPROVED: changes to the Needham St. shuttle bus route.

9-3-14 Programs & Services: APPROVED: adding gender identity to areas of non-discrimination in city housing practices; HELD: discussion of licensing and permitting for non-profits; ban on single-use plastic bags.

9-3-14 Public Facilities: APPROVED: utility access; appointments; move sewer & drain easements on Woodman Rd; $1.6 m for sewer upkeep, project area 2; repairs to the police annex; HELD: discussion of double-poles;


Public Hearings to be assigned for October 14, 2014:

  • #335-14 B & M CALIFORNIA STREET, LLC petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to construct a 4-unit multi-family dwelling; to extend a nonconforming structure for lot size and frontage; to allow a building height of up to 36 feet and to allow up to 3 stories; to increase the Floor Area Ratio; to waive the number of required parking stalls and, to the extent necessary, associated parking waivers, at 198 CALIFORNIA STREET, Ward 1,
  • #336-14 FOX & HOUNDS REALTY TRUST petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to construct an addition of approximately 840 square feet to the rear of an existing property, to be used for an auto detailing business, at 230 NEEDHAM STREET, Ward 8,
  • #132-14(2) STONE GALLERYLLC/CLINE REALTY LIMITED petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to allow a second freestanding sign at 49-51 WINCHESTER STREET, Ward 5, Newton Highlands,
  • #337-14 A&M REALTY TRUST, ANDREW & MONICA HEALY, TRUSTEES, petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL and to EXTEND A NONCONFORMING STRUCTURE to convert an existing detached structure into an accessory apartment at 59-61 WARWICK ROAD, Ward 3,


  • #338-14 ALD. HESS-MAHAN, KALIS, SANGIOLO AND DANBERG proposing a Large House Review ordinance requiring design review and approval of by-right single and multi-residence residential structures exceeding certain dimensional limits to be determined, to expire by December 31, 2015.
  • #339-14 ALD. HESS-MAHAN AND SANGIOLO requesting discussion with the Mayor’s Office, the Law Department and the Clerk’s Office concerning training of staff and members of Commissions, Boards and Committees to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Open Meeting Law Commissions, particularly with respect to meeting minutes.
  • #340-14 ALD. NORTON requesting to amend the City of Newton Charter to also include the term “Alderwoman” in text that refers to individuals who serve on the Board of Aldermen as “Aldermen”.
  • #341-14 TRANSPORTATION DIVISION, requesting presentation of the Washington Street Access Improvement Study provided by the Central Transportation Planning Staff
  • #342-14 ALD. DANBERG requesting amendment to Section 20-21(d) of the City of Newton Ordinances to increase the fine for violation of sidewalk snow removal requirements in business districts per Sec. 26-8, Removal of snow from sidewalks in certain districts.
  • #343-14 HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to appropriate the sum of three million dollars ($3,000,000)) from the September 8, 2014 Declaration of Overlay Surplus as declared by the Chairman of the Board of Assessors to the Rainy Day Stabilization Fund
  • #344-14 HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to appropriate the sum of one hundred fifty thousand dollars ($150,000) from Free Cash once it is certified to fund the replacement of the gymnasium floor at Newton North High School.
  • #310-10(2) ALD. DANBERG AND BLAZAR requesting amendments to Sec. 26-8D of the (#409-12) City of Newton Ordinances to modify and make permanent the trial program for removal of snow and ice from sidewalks and to provide for enforcement and fines for violations


  • 9-15-14 School Comm: CIP, Systemwide goals, year’s agenda, fiscal update, facilities update,
  • 9-16-14 Land Use: 3-5 Auburn–demolish current house, build 2, 2-family homes; 161 Edinboro–accessory apartment; 93 Bellevue–add 3-car garage and 2,000+sf addition; 35 Commonwealth–add antennae to the roof; 42 Brae Burn–add a portico to the front door; 334 Washington–legalize a current sign; 145 Wells Ave–allow a bouncy house inside the daycare; 230 Needham–waive parking, bike parking, landscape, lighting and other requirements for a daycare; 30 Hancock–add 2-car garage with second story addition.
  • 9-17-14 Public Facilities:update requested for funding source of Zervas Feasibility Study; calendar.
  • 9-17-14 Public Safety: appeal of a Traffic Council decision to remove parking on one side of Fairfield St. to allow emergency vehicle access; discussion of the make-up of Traffic Council; request for a plan to replace all parking meters.
  • 9-17-14 Programs & Services: CPA funds for Farlow Park, plastic bag ban, adding “Alderwoman.”
  • 9-18-14 Traffic Council: Modifications to the bus lane in front of Underwood School; changes to parking restrictions along Linwood,


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