Docket Digest for the Week of Oct. 20-24

A weekly summary of Board of Aldermen agendas and actions highlighting items of interest to the LWVN.

Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

Extracted from the full Aldermanic calendar.

Key to color coding: CPC, Planning, Environmental, Finance, Charter/Elections, Housing.

Oct. 20-24

Monday, 20 7:45p Board of Aldermen

CIP presentation

Wednesday, 22 6:30p Accessory Apartment Subc 222
Thursday, 23  7p Traffic Council  222


  • 10-2-14 Traffic Council: includes: HELD FOR TRIAL: Parking on Baldwin and Richardson for Underwood teachers; APPROVED: stop sign at Broadway & Linwood (w1); Parking restrictions on Cypress near Bowen School to improved children’s safety;
  • 10-7-14 Land Use: APPROVED: Marijuana dispensary for 697 Washington St;
  • 10-8-14 Public Safety: HELD: Residential sidewalk snow removal–making the pilot ordinance permanent; APPROVED: prohibiting any reservation of on-street parking without Police approval;
  • 10-8-14 Public Facilities: HELD: Residential sidewalk snow removal–making the pilot ordinance permanent (details here); amendments to require applications for placing signs on public property; Updates on the Angier traffic modifications, Otis St. traffic calming, and city-wide street lighting;  NAN: discussion of purchasing electric sign boards for the city;
  • 10-8-14 Programs & Services: HELD: Open Meeting Law training for all City staff & Boards; discussion of School space needs plans;
  • 10-14-14 Land Use: includes: APPROVED: 1175 WALNUT STREET, Ward 6, allow for tandem parking and parking within a setback, waive dimensional requirements for parking facilities, landscaping and lighting, and the number of required parking stalls in order to convert approximately 1,500 sf of basement space from storage to office space; 230 NEEDHAM STREET, Ward 8,  construct an addition of approximately 840 square feet to the rear of an existing property, to be used for an auto detailing business; 49-51 WINCHESTER STREET, Ward 5, additional sign; 59-61 WARWICK ROAD, Ward 3 to convert an existing detached structure into an accessory apartment.
  • 10-15-14 Zoning, includes: HELD: update discussions of the zoning reform project (the latest draft of the Phase One Zoning Ordinance);  temporary moratorium hearing.


  • #272-09(4) HERRICK ROAD REALTY TRUST petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to erect at 39 HERRICK ROAD, Ward 6, NEWTON CENTRE a 3-story mixed-use building containing 4 dwelling units and ground  floor commercial space with a restaurant, with underground parking and associated parking waivers unit; to allow off-street parking facilities to be located on a separate lot; waive 9 parking spaces; waive 3 bicycle parking spaces; allow frontage to be measured along a public footway) and to construct a retaining wall greater than 4 feet within the rear/side setbacks and waive 18 existing parking spaces on Lot 7 Herrick Road, Ward 6
    STRUCTURE in order to extend an existing deck, increasing an existing nonconforming setback, at 5 COOLIDGE ROAD, Ward 7
  • #520-95(3) THE CAPITAL GRILLE OF CHESTNUT HILL, INC. petition to AMEND SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL #520-95 to expand its hours of operation from 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., to modify its valet parking protocol to reduce the number of valet employees, to eliminate the requirement for stacked parking at the rear of the site, and to allow for a podium to be used by valet employees at the front entrance at 250 BOYLSTON STREET, Ward 7
  • #360-14 112 NEEDHAM STREET, LLC demolish current 2-story structure & build new 2-story structure with parking and office space;
  • #361-14 SMADAR BABCHUCK petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to create an accessory apartment in an existing two-stall attached garage with an office and common space above at 206 WISWALL ROAD, Ward 8,
  • #362-14 SEPHARDIC CONGREGATION OF NEWTON, INC./EDMUND I. SHAMSI petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to waive 26 parking stalls and associated dimensional requirements for an orthodox synagogue at 556 WARD STREET, Ward 2,
  • #363-14 DAVID HORNSTEIN/40 HAMPSHIRE STREET LLC petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to convert an existing detached carriage house to an accessory apartment at 40 HAMPSHIRE STREET, Ward 3
  • #364-14 PHI PROPERTIES LLC petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to construct a four-unit multi-family dwelling with 10 below grade parking stalls and associated parking waivers if necessary at 9 CHANDLER STREET, Ward 1
  • #365-14 KARYOPHARM THERAPEUTICS/NS WELLS ACQUISTION LLC petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to allow for recombinant DNA research and technology at 75-85 WELLS AVENUE, Ward 8
  • #366-14 ARMAN CHITCHIAN petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to construct an addition and reconfigure an existing two-family dwelling to two side-by-side attached dwellings
  • #255-14(2) DESIGN REVIEW COMMITTEE petitioning, pursuant to Sec 5-58, for schematic design and site plan approval of a new elementary school to be located on the existing Zervas Elementary School site at 30 Beethoven Avenue and the city’s three newly acquired properties at 1316 Beacon Street, 1330 Beacon Street, and 1338 Beacon Street.
  • ##255-14(3) ALD. YATES requesting a RESOLUTION to His Honor the Mayor seeking preservation of the historic house at 1316 Beacon Street; such preservation shall include documentation and disassembly and storage on a temporary basis for possible reconstruction on another site in the future.
  • #367-14 SGT. BABCOCK, requesting an amendment to Sec. 19-200, C.(3) of the City of Newton Ordinances to implement a $5.00 permit fee for resident sticker and visitor permit in the municipal lot parking program effective January 1, 2016.
  • Public hearing to be assigned for November 17, 2014:
    #368-14 DIRECTOR OF ASSESSMENT ADMINISTRATION submitting for Board of Aldermen review and approval the FY 15 Municipal Property Tax Levy Distribution Percentages among residential, open space, commercial and industrial classes of Real Property.
  • #369-14 HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to increase the FY 2015 School Department’s operating budget by seven hundred one thousand three hundred forty-five thousand dollars ($701,345) to reflect additional Chapter 70 Education Aid that was received from the State.
  • #370-14 HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to appropriate the sum of forty-three thousand three hundred seventeen dollars ($43,317) from Free Cash to reimburse the School Department for the McKinney-Vento Homeless Student Transportation State Reimbursement grant, which was sent as a general fund unrestricted reimbursement in June 2014 from the state rather than an education grant.
  • #371-14 HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to appropriate the sum of ninety-eight thousand nine hundred sixty-four dollars and forty-three cents ($98,964.43) from the premium derived from last year’s Angier Elementary School bond sale and that the bond authorization be reduced by that same amount.
  • #372-14 HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to appropriate the sum of two hundred thirty-six thousand four hundred twenty dollars ($236,420) from Free Cash to the Rainy Day Stabilization fund.
  • #373-14 HIS HONOR THE MAYOR submitting the FY16- FY20 Five-Year Financial Forecast for Board of Aldermen review/acceptance.
  • #374-14 HIS HONOR THE MAYOR requesting authorization to appropriate the sum of sixty-five thousand dollars ($65,000) from Free Cash to fund the installation of additional lighting around City Hall and the War Memorial.
  • #375-14 HIS HONOR THE MAYOR submitting the FY16-FY20 Capital Improvement Plan pursuant to section 5-3 of the Newton City Charter.


  • 10-22-14 Accessory Apartment: ADA staff additions; change in time for proving existence of a pre-existing accessory apartment; study of dimensional requirements, discuss an educational brochure.
  • 10-23-14 Traffic Council: resident only parking for Louise & Craftsland roads (w8); speed study request for Auburn St. near Woodland Rd.; traffic issues near Court St (w2); removal of parking restrictions on Cummings Rd (w2); new or changed time limits on Washington St. between Walnut & Central, north side (w2); stop sign Paulson & Ferncroft (w5).


  • Planning update, including:
    • Zoning Board of Appeals:  The Board will meet on Tuesday, October 21st at 7:00 p.m. in the Aldermanic Chambers to review #6‐14, 135 Wells Avenue, LLC, applying for the issuance of a Comprehensive Permit authorizing the construction of 334 apartment‐style rental units on land located at 135 Wells Avenue
    • Planning & Development Board:  The Board will meet on Tuesday, October 21st at 7:30 p.m. in Room 222.  Items on the agenda are as follows: Continued working session and recommendation to Board of Aldermen on item #237‐14, one‐year residential demolition moratorium; Public hearing on the Needs Assessment of the FY16‐20 Consolidated Plan; Public hearing on item #273‐14, Nicore Construction Corp.’s petition to change the zone of 114 River Street from Business 1 to Multi‐Residence 2
  • News Notes, including:
    • Medical Marijuana – I wanted to alert everyone the special permit application for Garden Remedies at 697 Washington Street was
    • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and Five-Year Financial Forecast – We will be joined by the Mayor at our Board meeting on Monday, October 20th so he can provide the CIP and forecast to the Board after first call. We will have the required public hearing at a later date. This will just be the presentationapproved in Land Use on Tuesday, October 7th. The item will be before the full Board on Monday, October 20th.
    • Chairmen’s Meeting – All Board members are invited to attend. Cheryl & I have tentatively scheduled a meeting for Wednesday, November 5th. However, we may move that as it could be an important meeting for further deliberation on second water meters.
      We would like to have as many members of the Board at the Public Facilities meeting that evening so we may keep that at 7:00p.m. and look to reschedule the Chairmen’s meeting. I will follow up with further information on this.
    • Zervas Working Group Update – Submitted by Ald. Ruthanne Fuller, Ald. John Rice and Ald. Deb Crossley – Our Owners Project Manager, Joslin Lesser, just passed along the great news that two cost estimates were just completed and we’re exactly on budget at the
      schematic design phase. Construction costs for the Zervas Elementary School project are on budget per current estimates:

      • Two full independent cost estimates were developed based on the detailed Schematic Design documents: one by the Designer’s Cost Consultant and one by the Construction Manager
      • The Construction Manager, WT Rich, is also working on the Angier project so their cost and scope data is informed by the most current relevant precedent
      • The two estimates were reconciled to a variance of less than 0.25% ($74 K) indicating a consistent understanding of design intent and scope
      • The higher of the two estimates was within 0.6% ($170 K) of the $29 M construction budget, which is negligible at this phase because the estimates include $2.75 M in contingencies
      • The estimates include the full scope of work on the expanded Zervas site
      • The estimates include all work on the three adjacent residential properties (which will be incorporated into the Zervas site)
      • The potential work to develop and improve the Blue Zone (or any related Traffic work) will be covered in the $3 M Off-Site Improvements line item within the $40 M Total Project Budget
      • No Value Engineering adjustments were required at this phase to align the project design with the construction budget, all program elements are included
      • Additional Cost Estimates will be developed at three key future project milestones
      • Two sets of estimates will be reconciled to budget at the end of the Design Development, 60% Construction Documents and 90% Construction Documents phases
      • The project team will deliver the Zervas school on schedule and on budget

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