Committees and Consensus Studies

LWVN Action Committees

  • CPC Readers
  • Education
    Jo Corro & Lynn Scheller
  • Elections
    Nancy Criscitiello & Ellen Glusman
  • Environmental Issues
    Alison Leary & Lucia Dolan
    • Water Committee
      Priscilla Leith & Mary Adelstein

    • Transportation
      Alison Leary & Lucia Dolan

  • Housing
    Leslie Burg & Carol Ann Shea
  • Land Use  (ad hoc)
  • Municipal Finance
    Chris Steele

LWVN Citizen Education and Organization Committees

  • Archives
    Ann Grantham & Linda Morrison
  • Fundraising
  • Membership
    Ann Grantham
  • Nominating
    Lynn Scheller (chair), Pat Acton
  • Newsletter & Website
    Lisa Mirabile & Anne Borg
  • Topic Meetings
  • Voters Service/Citizen Education
    Bonnie Carter & Sharyn Roberts
  • Legislative Roundtable
    Lynn Scheller & Tami Roberts

LWVN Consensus Studies

Current Studies

Local Transportation Study
Alison Leary & Lucia Dolan

Recent Studies

Charter Study (Local Study)
Sandy Butzel & Rhanna Kidwell

National Education Study
Jo Corro & Lynn Scheller

National Privatization Study
Jo Corro

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